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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services
Oodles Cryptocurrency exchange development services[URL='

How do I build a website like remitano where people can buy cryptocurrency?
I will appreciate you to put keen to build cryptocurrency exchange website like remitano. Nowadays, Most of the people buying the remitano clone script from the best cryptocurrency exchang

What is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and its benefits?
ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a fundraising program launched on behalf of a company or an individual to raise crypto funds. The project is usually related to the blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies, say coin & application development and service-or

Bitcoin Rush contribute you regular cash out of 10 Bitcoin
344 Sure that's a lot of work. Bitcoin Rush was my saving grace this moment. I wash my hands of the whole situation. If you're ready to use Bitcoin, stick around. I was

Right time to promote your cryptocurrency exchange business
Presently, Most of them know about the increasing price value of bitcoin. I would say this is the right time for business people to earn more money because more users will trade bitcoin and many people will start to invest in bitcoins and other cryptocurre

Libra news
Libra - Facebook Coin. Official information, expert assessments, insights. Where and how to buy, sell and use Libra cryptocurrency. All information in one place -

What software do I need to exchange Bitcoins?
I have successfully used Bitcoind on a pure headless server (no desktop / X packages installed) to automatically send and receive BTC, controlled by a PHP script. I assume that most bitcoin online services are hosted on Linux servers, so yes – there is a c

This captcha enables website owners to earn for visitors who solve it
Unlike Google reCaptcha which makes you train Google's self-driving cars, this captcha directly rewards website owners for every solved captcha on their page. The labeled data is transmitted to AI companies. All this powe

An economical cloud farm - FlyMining
FlyMining - this is a modern view of mining. Digital decentralized currencies have come and are not going to go away, while the consumption of electricity for mining has almost reached 1% of all world energy costs. "Dirty" mining was possible when the BTC

Is Bitcoin Overvalued at $14,000? Has the world gone crazy? Hi, everyone! What we’re seeing right now on the Bitcoin price chart is perhaps one of the most widely recognized trend contin

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DNC Dentacoin in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Dentacoin tokens are not mineable but there are two ways to acquire them. The first option to acquire DNC tokens is to earn them through Loyalty Programs that happens in their Partner Clinics. Earning DNC tokens can be way easier in the future with the company’s future developed supporting tools. The other way of acquiring DNC tokens is through purchasing. The current price of one Dentacoin is €0.001 and it can be purchased through cryptocurrency exchange lik...

SegWit2X is happening, here's what you need to know
Another weekend, another fork. You know how the song goes, Everybody Wants to Rule the World. Looks like SegWit2X is going ahead and will happen between 6PM and 8PM UTC (tonight). (NOTE: Several countdown clocks still are showing SegWit2X data based on block 494784, which is no longer the correct one. 2X has not been activated yet at the time of this writing (block 494789). ) But hadn't it been cancelled? Well, yes and no. We now know it wasn't really cancelled, but was simply a temporary strate...

LINK ChainLink Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? LINK ChainLink is not mineable. The core objective of the ChainLink is bridging on and off-chain ecosystems and therefore has two architectural components which are the on-chain infrastructure and the off-chain infrastructure. The first component of this cryptocurrency is consists of on-chain contracts that are deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. These oracle contracts will process the user’s data request. If a user wants to access the off-chain data, he will submi...

Most cryptocurrency market cap is fake
Something about cryptocurrencies seems to be misleading thousands of investors every day: their impressive U$ dollar market capitalization. This metric is used heavily by investors, but there's an elephant in the room. The numbers you see are probably largely fake. If you analyze a list of cryptocurrencies by market cap, you'll find that most coins aren't traded to and from fiat money. This leads to a surprising conclusion, which we present in this article. First of all, we need to discuss how thes...

We think Elon Musk IS the real Satoshi. For real.
We know what you're thinking: this post can't be serious. But it is. Like, dead serious. After dismissing the theory that Elon Musk is Satoshi Nakamoto as a joke for a long time, we went and had a closer look at the arguments behind this rumor and, as this piece from Entrepeneur put it, the logic behind the speculation is relatively sound. See, according to this guy who worked for Musk under SpaceX, Bitcoin is written in C++ and Elon Musk knows C++. Bam! Bingo. As if this wasn't enough evidence, there is...

Is a blockchain simply a glorified database?
The blockchain is a special kind of database that has the property of being immutable and tamper proof. This makes it suitable for high security applications such as banking, cargo tracking and value transfers where data integrity is crucial. Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are different concepts. Cryptocurrencies which use the Bitcoin architecture require a blockchain in order to run. Blockchains, on the other hand, do not require cryptocurrencies. For example, a bank may run an internal blockchain in ...

Will Tether blow up?
There is an elephant in the room in the cryptocurrency world and it's called Tether. The concept of a cryptocurrency that is tied to the world's reference fiat currency is very interesting indeed. But it has a very expensive requirement: for every unit of this cryptocurrency, there must be an equal unit in the reference fiat currency deposited somewhere. The big question bein asked about Tether right now is whether there is exactly one U$1 bill deposited somewhere in a bank account for every USDT in c...

What is cryptocurrency mining?
Mining is the process by which cryptocurrency transactions are verified. The process got its name from the fact that once a block is verified, whoever solves the block will earn some coins as a reward. The hard work involved and the gold coin reward analogy led to it being called mining. When Bitcoin was launched, the idea was for every participating node to be a mining node as well. Nodes would send, receive, verify transactions and attempt to solve new blocks through mining. As GPU and ASIC miners made...

Emercoin (EMC) in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? The Emercoin (EMC) is a non-mineable cryptocurrency. But last June 16, 2016, the Emercoin core development team has decided that the production of both Emercoin and Bitcoin will be combined with a visualization to considerably increase the reliability and trust of the Emercoin system. And the Emercoin team also believe that merge mining will indicate an increase in system difficulty. Nevertheless, with the of SHA-256 mining algorithm, if an Emercoin miner will mine Bitcoin...

Enigma ENG Cryptocurrency in a nutshell
Is ENG cryptocurrency mineable? If so how is it mined? ENG cryptocurrency Enigma is not mineable. It is a blockchain agnostic and interoperable cryptocurrency that will serve as an extension to the conventional blockchain platforms for off-chain computations. The code is processed both on the blockchain, where it is public, and privately off-chain on Enigma's network. Data can be encrypted to ensure that the data will remain secure before being sent to the network and the off-chain layer is the on...