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SmartCare Chain (SCC), developed using the blockchain technology with decentralization as the key factor, is aimed at implementing a healthcare ecosystem to revolutionize the medicare facilities. [URL='

[ANN] Tokoin targets massive opportunity in the MSME sector in emerging markets!
Look at any successful company and you will notice that what sets them apart from others is that they identified a significant problem/opportunity that no one seems to be addressing and provided a unique yet simple approach to solving it. Tokoin, is focuss

Bitcoin Black BCB The New Global Currency
Welcome to Bitcoin Black Rewards! $36,000,000 to be shared. Bitcoin.Black the most decentralized payment system in the world in 2020 - 3600 BCB coin + ( 5400 BCB coin For The First 50K ) - 9000 BCB coin = $90 / Now [COLOR=rgb(226, 80,

How does a Cryptocurrency Exchange Start
I understand the basics of an exchange and how they work, but I am confused as to how one initially begins. For example, in order for an exchange to function, there needs to be both

Bitcoin Bulls Eyeing Fresh Increase – BTC Price Surges Above 10%
Bitcoin has enjoyed bullish trend continuous for 3 days in a row. The Bitcoin price has surged up from $11,000 to $12,600. The bulls have continued to ru

New-gen crypto crowdfunding - IEO
Initial Exchange Offering. Needless to say, ICO did create a huge impact amongst the tech geeks and the investors. Though it was initially hard to move on from ICO to IE

How can I Build a Bitcoin Exchange Website?
Once you have decided about the Bitcoin exchange business, you need to understand the basic architecture of a Bitcoin exchange app or website. A bitcoin exchange website must be fast, secure, highly intuitive, and scalable to succeed. If you want to build

Are you in the need of best STO Marketing Agency to skyrocket your STO campaign?
You’re in the right spot. Yes..!! SEO Warriors - one of the growing STO marketing agency in India offers A-to-Z STO marketing solutions for your project. wanna make your STO projec

Difference Between Shitcoins And Deadcoins In Cryptocurrency
What Are Shitcoins And Why The Term Is Useless? People who are well acquainted with cryptocurrency, have heard the term “shitcoin” at least a few times. The meaning of the term, however, varies depending on who says it. Furthermore, there are enough peopl

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ICN Iconomi in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? ICN tokens are not mineable but these tokens are available to be acquired on several cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Liqui, and eighteen more cryptocurrency exchanges. As a reminder for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, always be careful when transferring assets. First, check the address if it is valid. Copy and pasting the address is much safer than typing them out. Second, verify if the address of the receiver supports the type of digital asset you want to tr...

Tether reserves to be tested during the market downturn
When both Bitcoin and altcoins are going down, it usually means cryptos are being traded for fiat currency. Right? Almost. There's a curious cryptocurrency called Tether (USDT), which supposedly represents one coin for each US Dollar (USD) deposited in accounts in Asia. Right now Tether is one of the few currencies which gained value against Bitcoin, which means investors are moving their BTC to USDT. Hundreds of millions of U$ have been issued in Tether, a fact which has raised questions from several...

Ignis Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Ignis (IGNIS) is a non-mineable cryptocurrency. Just like any other non-minable cryptocurrencies, you can purchase Ignis as well. Maximum Circulating Coins The Ignis cryptocurrency has a maximum circulating coins of 761,440,000 IGNIS. History Ignis is considered as ARDOR’s first ever child chain. It can be utilized for consistent financial transactions. However, aside from Ignis, there are also other child chains that have been created as the year passed by. The...

IOStoken (IOST) Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? IOStoken (IOST) Cryptocurrency it is non-mineable due to its availability, in order for you to have this type of token you need to purchase in Binance and Houbi and you could use that token in trading. In fact, it was also confirmed that it can be tradable in KuCoin and a lot more. In which KuCoin traders will be able to access both trading pairs of BTC/IOST as well as ETH/IOST. The IOS (Internet of Services) is also called as ERC20 token which means it is a based on Ethe...

Kin Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? KIN Cryptocurrency is non-mineable due to its general purpose that could use in Kik’s Everyday Digital Services. By that there’s a way to obtain this type of coin is to purchase with Ethereum and will be exchanged to crypto markets available for exchanging the Kin token such as Mercatox, IDEX, COSS, Ether Delta, and Bancor Network. In fact, the technique on how to gain profit is Buy, Sell, and Exchange. Furthermore, Kin also provide Kin Rewards Engine that will en...

The Aeon Cryptocurrency
Aeon in a Nutshell Aeon is a lightweight mobile-friendly cryptocurrency. Its main focus are privacy, fast blockchain verification and syncing by using a lighter encryption algorithm and more distanced blocks than Monero. Aeon's blocks are distributed approximately 4 minutes apart. Mineable via Proof of Work PoW: CryptoNight-LITE Maximum circulating coins: 18.4 million coins (approx 3 million less than Bitcoin) What Makes It Different? Aeon uses a lighweight version of Monero's Proof of Work algo...

KNC Kyber Network in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Kyber Tokens are not mineable but it can be acquired through setting up a Kyber Network wallet to buy Ethereum. The Ethereum you bought then can be exchanged for Kyber Tokens. Maximum Circulating coins There is a maximum of 134,000,000 KNC in circulation as of today. History The month of August year 2017 was the beginning of Kyber Network’s operation by launching their testnet beta with the attempt to be engaged in the market of decentralized exchange. Their goal ...

Brazil has more than twice Bitcoin investors than its stock market and treasuries combined
Bitcoin now has more than twice the number of Brazilian investors than the stock market and treasury notes combined. More than 1.4 million Brazilian tax IDs have been registered in the country's largest BTC exchanges Mercado Bitcoin and Bitcoin To You. Brazilian investors have double the incentive to buy Bitcoins, as it is automatically an investment in US Dollars as well. During times of political turmoil, such as the one faced by the country due to the Car Wash corruption scandal, the US Dollar has ...

MAID MaidSafeCoin in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? MaidSafeCoin is not mineable. Users can purchase MAidSafeCoin on Hit BTC, Poloniex, and Bittrex. Web wallet Omniwallet can be use or Omnicore. Maximum circulating coins of MAID MaidSafeCoin is 452,552,412 MAID. History MaidSafe stands for Massive Array of Internet Disks, Secure Access for Everyone. It is a Scotland based company that started the SAFE network in 2006. The SAFE network hopes to combine the features of the famous decentralized networks. MaidSafe aims to p...

Exchanges adopting $USDT for $USD valuation should demand a Bitfinex audit
When a large exchange, like Bittrex for instance, adopts USD Tether ($USDT) as their US Dollar reference, they must offer investors some guarantee that the adopted benchmark is somewhat accurate. Bittrex shows "$ Markets", which really means  Tether, not USD When you select USDT pairs in Bittrex, the user interface does not show USDT but shows U$ instead, clearly suggesting USDT is the official US Dollar price for coins and token...