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Smartcare Chain Private Token Sale - Launching Soon
Smartcare Chain is currently in the event of launching its private utility token - SCC, priced at $0.2. What’s Our Goal? We, Smartcare Chain, are building a healthcare ecosystem with advanced and decentralized blockchain technology to offer a decisive, ec

ICO Script
ICOCLONE is an ICO script service provider with a world-level standard, professional development team and adapts blockchain technology. Our Company implements various kinds of technologies to serve advance services to

Cryptocurrency Exchange development company
Are you looking for a Cryptocurrency Exchange? Our Cryptocurrency Exchange development company will develop a secure portal where you can trade cryptocurrency. We provide th

Decentralized Exchange Software Development
Our decentralized cryptocurrency exchange development services focus on building a highly-secure, scalable and fast trading platform driven by Ethereum smart contract. Over more than a decade, we help businesses in multiple industry domains to crea

Best IEO Development Services Company
Blockchain Firm is one of the leading IEO development company globally to render precise, transparent, safe, and affordable IEO services to aid the clients in launching IEO.

Airdrop !! Airdrop!! Airdrop !! on TRON Blockchain Base Aus Digital Dollar ICO.
You are all welcome to Australia Digital Dollar Community. What is AUS Digital Dollar? AUS Digital Dollar It’s Safe, Easy and Faster to Send Money and Receive All Around the World. AUS digital Bank and AUS Digital Money Transfer Allow to use AUS Digital D

Bitcoin’s next target is $20K (or $8K?) Watch for these SIGNALS! Bitcoin’s next target is $20K or $8K? [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0

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SmartCare Chain - Hiring Now
We’re in the hunt for a skilled ICO/IEO/STO team who will be the mastermind behind our SmartCare Chain IEO project. He/She should be an expert in blockchain technology and capable enough to aid us in launching the IEO [URL='

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange
Get in on the cryptocurrency business with Blockchain App Factory. We are a leading development company that excels in creating white label cryptocurrency exchanges.

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ELI5 WAX (WAX) Cryptocurrency
Mineable? If so how is it mined? The WAX (WAX) is a non-mineable cryptocurrency. You can purchase this coin at leading exchanges such as Tidex, Bancor Network, EtherDelta, Bibox, and Huobi. Maximum Circulating Coins The WAX cryptocurrency has a total maximum circulating coins of 492,954,537 WAX but the total maximum coin supply is 1850,000,000 WAX. History The WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange was created in the year 2015. In fact, this project was on track with the objective of solving a lot of problems...

ELI5 XZC (ZCoin) Cryptocurrency
Mineable? If so how is it mined? ZCoin is an altcoin that provides completely anonymous foreign exchange transactions. It utilizes the Zerocoin protocol and is a mineable cryptocurrency. Currently, Zcoin can be mined through the use of CPU, Nvidia and AMD GPUs. Lyra2z is the current algorithm used to mine ZCoin but eventually, they will transition to Merkle Tree Proof of work algorithm (MTP). In order to mine Zcoin, the first thing to do is to have a ZCoin (xzc) address. You can have a Zcoin (xzc) addres...

US Residents may face legal issues if they invest in the new Venezuelan cryptocurrency
Although most State Department-issued sanctions apply to certain specific Venezuelan individuals, according to the US Treasury, US Residents may not invest in any Venezuelan government entity for a period longer than 30 days: Subsection 1(a)(ii) of E.O. 13808 prohibits engaging in transactions related to, providing financing for, or otherwise dealing in new debt with a maturity of longer than 30 days issued by, on behalf of, or for the benefit of any other segment of the Government of Venezuela, its proper...

A major South American Bitcoin exchange may be going down in São Paulo, Brazil
A company named STM Investimentos (aka STM Operações) which ran a Bitcoin investment fund and the STMBit Exchange has stopped all payments, quit taking calls and investors are furious. According to G1 news portal, users sold cars and took out loans in order to invest in STM - and now they feel like they've lost everything. One investor drove 600 km to STM's headquarters but claims he only found a few employees who could not offer any details beyond excuses for the payment delays. None of the com...

Trump administration promises higher wages without inflation. Is the end of Quantitative Easing in sight?
US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has just announced that Trump administration policies will raise wages without causing inflation. This, of course, is impossible unless other variables are modified in the process. For instance, if less money were printed by the FED, especially via Quantitative Easing. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds All the evidence available to the public at this time suggests the existence of a major financial bubble. We know that the ECB and the F...

Understand the Coinbase SegWit upgrade: what it means and how this will improve Bitcoin for everyone
Coinbase has announced the long awaited SegWit upgrade to their trading platform. We'd like to take this opportunity to discuss how this is a very important change and how it will make Bitcoin faster and more accessible to everyone. SegWit is a portmanteau of "Segregated Witness" and although the name sounds complicated, the concept is very simple. In cryptocurrencies, a "witness" is a piece of data that will convince the entire network that whoever created that transaction holds the private key for the ...

What is the Bitcoin "mempool"?
You may have heard the term "mempool" a lot recently, especially during the recent attacks on the Bitcoin network when the number of unconfirmed transactions rise a lot, fueling rumours of flippenings and collapses that never happen. There is a relation between unconfirmed transactions and the mempool, which we'll look at next. As you may have guessed, mempool is a portmanteau of memory pool. In this article we discuss where is this memory is located and why it is called a pool. The memory it refers t...

What is a BIP?
As SegWit gains adoption, you may have heard the term "BIP 141" in online discussions. What does BIP mean? And what is that number next to it? Bitcoin is a community-run technology. The main idea behind Bitcoin is that the rules of the game are coded into the Bitcoin Core C++ language source code. Therefore, there is no single document that specifies what Bitcoin is or isn't. Or, put another way, the source code itself is the document. So how do features get added or removed from the Bitcoin Core sour...

Decentralized blockchains can only survive with a valuable token, like Bitcoin, attached to them
We've heard this time and again, especially from folks in the financial sector: "blockchain is here to stay, Bitcoin not so much". Is this really so? We disagree, and in this article we discuss the origins of Bitcoin and how the problem it solved only makes sense when there's a reward for participants to join the system. In order to deliver this reward securely, you will necessarily need to develop some system to verify the transfer of value among untrusted parties. We will show how this leads to Satoshi...

Is Quantum Key Distribution in the future of cryptocurrencies?
Can you imagine a transmission system where the data would change if anyone simply peeked into it? Imagine the two most popular cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Alice and Bob, could exchange secret keys via a medium where, if anyone were to try and read their communications, those keys would arrive with a tell-tale mark that they had been looked at by their ever present rival, Eve? This technology has been out there since at least 1984 and it's called Quantum Key Distribution, or QKD for short. QKD uses pr...