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cryptocurrency exchange development services
Oodles is a growing cryptocurrency exchange software development company in India. We offer efficient cryptocurrency exchange development services[/B

Thinking how to own a cryptocurrency? It’s quite easy for someone with basic programming skills and a thorough knowledge of cryptocurrencies & blockchain along with proper guidance from a reliable [URL='

Best ICO Development Company
When startups based on cryptocurrencies want to raise money through crowdfunding campaign, they approach an ICO development company and launch an ICO. The project is usually explained on a whitepaper with all the information, say requirements, expen

Crypto Exchange ChangeNOW Embraces Innovative Usability Protocol from FIO
Crypto Exchange ChangeNOW Embraces Innovative Usability Protocol from FIO DENVER, CO — July 2019, [URL='

CoinDeal Celebrates Wolverhampton Wanderers Sponsorship Renewal
" - CoinDeal, global cryptocurrency exchange, to continue as official sleeve sponsor of Wolverhampton Wanderers for 2019/20 English Premier League season - Exciting new CoinDeal token, CDL, offers a variety of benefits and is availabl

IEO Development company
IEO or Initial Exchange Offering is a fundraising program launched by a startup or an individual with the aid of an IEO development company. In exchange for their ideas, the startup receives tokens from an investor and the entire process is governed by a

CoinJanitor Completes Its First Buyout of Another Cryptocurrency
CoinJanitor, the first project in the space to suggest a method to unlock value in deadcoins and recycle it, has completed its first buyout. After months of intense negotiations with several different deadcoin developers, CoinJanitor’s team has struck a d

Which one is better coinbase or Blockchain?
I think coinbase is better than blockchain, this is because the coinbase there has vault feature so suited to save a huge amount. Also, the transaction fee is smaller than the blockchain. So, I recommend using coinbase. If you want to develop your [URL='ht

White Label Crypto Exchange
Blockchain App Factory excels in building white label crypto exchanges that are compliant with the regulations of USA. Their large team of talented developers can cre

SmartCare Chain SCC - Healthcare Eco-system Launching Soon
SMARTCARE CHAIN - HEALTHCARE ECOSYSTEM “SmartCare Chain is currently involved in building a stable healthcare ecosystem worldwide by bringing together blockchain technology and cryptography, to overcome the issues in the existing healthcare system.”[/I

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Bluzelle joins Chinese e-commerce giant’s AI & blockchain startup accelerator
Blockchain-powered decentralized database service Bluzelle among first to join accelerator for cutting-edge tech talent Singapore - 26 February 2018 - Bluzelle, the decentralized, on-demand, scalable data storage and management service for decentralized applications (dApps), has been chosen by Chinese internet behemoth to join its new AI Catapult Accelerator (AICA) for AI and blockchain startups. is China’s largest retailer, online or offline, and the world’s third-largest inte...

IOTA hash collisions could have wrecked the network if it were fully decentralized
Professor Matthew Green of Johns Hopkins University posted an interesting, if not troubling, tweet about IOTA's security: The use of a broken hash function would have been a critical vulnerability if their network was actually decentralized, says Iota’s founder. — Matthew Green (@matthew_d_green) February 25, 2018 This is the first argument we've seen by which it made sense not to decentralize a cryptocurrency. Of course this is only because Curl, which is the hash...

Does cloud mining make financial sense?
Remember the Old West, when fools often bought maps to gold mines hoping for quick riches? Today, the basic question cowboys used to ask still makes sense: if the mine is full of gold, then why would they sell a map of it for a tiny or insignificant fraction of the wealth contained in it? How many maps did they sell and how many people were already there, if the mine really existed, mining all the gold? Intuitively, we could ask the same questions about cloud mining providers. If mining were pro...

Understand Sponge Functions for cryptocurrency development
If you've been following the development of IOTA and other cryptocurrencies, then you've probably heard the term "cryptographic sponge function", or simply sponge function. What exactly does it mean? In this article we attempt to give you a very simple explanation of how sponge functions work and what they accomplish, without getting too much into mathematics and cryptospeak. We only scratch the surface of the math notions needed to understand how sponge functions work. If you're an investor or ...

Do you really need a hardware wallet?
Carrying a complete banking institution in your pocket is a powerful statement! Hardware wallets are really cool. They're basically specially designed storage systems, like supercharged flash drives, but they add many security and usability features on top of just storage and retrieval capabilities. The requirements of a hardware wallet are much more stringent than that of any common flash drive. For instance, should a hardware wallet fall in the wrong hands, it must be either impossible or very difficu...

The alleged Craig's Wright vs David Kleiman email uses a unique subject string which is being used to pin it to March 2008
They say truth can be stranger than fiction, but nothing we've seen in the cryptocurrency Wild West is stranger than the story of David Kleiman vs. Dr. Craig S. Wright and the $11 billion dollar lawsuit between them. Simply trying to assemble this story chronologically has proven to be a daunting task. There are suspicions of backdated messages out on the WWW, strange emails, allegedly fabricated facts that may or may not have happened before the famous Satoshi whitepaper was published and countless othe...

HackersBeingBros? Coindash receives back 20k ETH from address linked to hacking incident
The Coindash hack keeps getting more interesting. The hacker who once returned 10k ETH has had another lapse of conscience and returned another 20K ETH to the main Coindash account on February 23. According to the Coindash website, only 3 addresses are legit and are kept in Trezor hardware wallets, take note: CoinDash accounts are Trezor protected and were previously made public: · 0x12ec5BEFA9166FA327D4c345a93F0aC99DD2a7d8 · 0x5AC2914179085a60F37A07338D851DbFAdF17F08 · 0xfEeC4Aa08Ec708Ba8...

Blockchain bills of lading : Revolution in oil shipments and sea cargo logistics
After more than 200 years of the same workflow, one technology has come along which could change the oil trade forever: blockchain! Dannish sea transport giant Maersk announced, earlier this year, that they'd be joining forces with IBM to implement a blockchain solution to sea shipping. According to the announcement, over 80% of customer goods, a $4 trillion value, consumed in the world today are transported by sea. Cryptocurrency investors and startups have not overlooked this major niche and solutio...

The world's most exotic places accepting Bitcoin
We know that Bitcoin is spreading like fire through all business niches, but did you know there's an ATM inside a library in the beatiful island of Easter Island, off the coast of Chile? How about an ATM in a tiny shed in Fiji? Here we've collected some of the most exotic locations where Bitcoin is being accepted! Giljaland Accommodation in Iceland Beautiful location in the unspoiled Central South Iceland! The property is located in one of the most beautiful part of Iceland on a 140 hectares of land, i...

Early Bird Gets the Bitcoin!
An 11 year old author has attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency world with a new book entitled Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin The 57 page work is the result of an agreement between Andrew Courey and his parents. Andrew proposed a plan to make U$ 20 million by the age of 14. If his parents approved of the plan, they'd let him drop out of school to pursue his dream. Once he showed them the potential of cryptocurrencies, they allowed him to go through and...