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Is it too late to buy bitcoin and how to buy it?
Well!! the price of bitcoin is increasing day by day, several crypto experts predict that the bitcoin price will reach lot of heights. earlier I haven't any knowledge of bitcoin, now I have collected a lot of information like [URL='

Initial Exchange Offering is a fundraising program that is launched by a crypto exchange in favor of a startup. This emerging technology of coin offering involves the cr

Serenity energy’s airdrop is coming Soon with Token Distribution. What is serenity? Serenity is multi-faceted blockchain based eco-system, energy retailer for the people, focusing on the promotion of sustainable living, renewable energy production and

Hybrid App Development Companies @ What Survey Says?
Allow us to take an underlined view on the examination's declaration: How In-App Video Ads are Voted As Best Monetization Strategy? Video has since quite a while ago shown its incentive as a [URL='

iPhone App Development @ In-App Advertising
Menos: Menos online sustenance mentioning application, which recommendation neighboring arranged to – eat dinners from various cooking styles, gourmets that keep up the August of the sustenance. [URL='

IOS App Development Company @ NewsCode
GoGreen: A versatile response for find an ensured expert association IOS App Development for your vehicle wash is nothing else aside from GoGreen. Benefit trouble free organizations

Android App Development Companies @ Meet Our Recent Story Of Excellence
Good firms Featured "FortifiveApps Technologies" As One Of The Leading Mobile App Development Companies FortifiveApps incorporated another credit to him, In the Android App Development Compan

Mobile App Development Companies @ Stability
Cycle 1: Documenting and Tooling On the third round of battle, we are taking Mobile App Development a gander at both Google Flutter and React Native dependent on documentation and tool

Benefits Of Blockchain In Healthcare Industry
320 Blockchain technology is the distributed ledger technology that implies decentralization and stores data in the form of blocks. Application of blockchain in heal

SmartCare Chain SCC- Healthcare Ecosystem Launching Soon
SmartCare Chain, built with decentralization technology to revolutionize the healthcare sector. Our objective is to bring together the existing healthcare institutions into a secure & accurate healthcare ecosystem. With SCC, we are aiming to

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e-Franc: Is Switzerland about to release a cryptocurrency version of CHF?
A statement by Romeo Lacher, chairman of the Six Swiss Stock Exchange, has generated much buzz in the cryptocurrency space recently: Switzerland could soon adopt the e-Franc - a blockchain-based version of the Swiss Franc. According to his profile page, Dr. Lacher has been a member of the Six Swiss Stock Exchange Board for 10 years and Chairman of the Board for one year, elected until 2020. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen and Harvard Business School in Bosto...

Latest Bill Gates Reddit AMA shows he still does not understand cryptocurrencies
Bill Gates has done another AMA on Reddit to promote his philantropic work via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. One of the questions was about cryptocurrencies, to which he answered: Let's break this apart, shall we? The main feature of crypto currencies is their anonymity. I don't think this is a good thing. False. The main feature of cryptocurrencies is decentralization of financial control. It is all about giving the power over their own money back to individuals. It's a return to the...

SegWit adoption now over 30%
Bitcoin has set a new landmark in SegWit adoption, having just crossed the 30% rate. With the 0.16.0 Bitcoin Core release, which introduced full support for SegWit, the network has seen a sudden jump from around 15% to over 30% nodes running SegWit in the time span of about 15 blocks (~ 150 minutes). This shows that the Bitcoin network is still vibrant and demonstrates the power of individual nodes to shape the P2P network. The number of SegWit transactions is also gaining ground, although a bit more slo...

Bitcoin is faster than credit cards, SWIFT and Western Union
There's been a lot of criticism about Bitcoin on the Internet lately. Since November 2017, the unconfirmed transactions pool had been spammed by certain groups who invested heavily in an alternative cryptocurrency. Transactions were made slow and expensive by this attack, users got frustrated and there was justified rage when transactions started taking days to complete. All this is expected, especially considering that Bitcoin is just beginning to get adopted on a larger scale. But some of the argume...

Bitcoin price: Understand Metcalfe's law and how it relates to cryptocurrency valuation
Bob Metcalfe is a computer networking pioneer whose work includes the invention of the Ethernet networking standard (what users normally call "the network cable"), founding the 3Com networking giant and, most importantly for us crypto investors, the formulation of Metcalfe's Law. Replace the phones by Bitcoin nodes! Metcalfe's Law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of participating nodes....

How do I convert Bitcoin to US Dollars and Euros?
To convert Bitcon and other cryptocurrencies into US Dollars, Euros or other currencies, you need an exchange that will work with fiat money. Most cryptocurrency exchanges don't, because fiat requires compliance with local and international regulations and in most cases the reserve requirements are out of reach for the typical unfunded crypto hackers who happen to be running the most popular exchanges. Here we've collected a few ideas for you to exchange your hard earned Bitcoin into FED-issued curren...

Why is Bitcoin a deflationary currency? What does this mean in practice?
To understand deflation we must first define its opposite: monetary inflation. We hear a lot about inflation on the news, but what exactly does it mean? As the term itself suggests, inflation is an increase in the supply of some value or product. In the case of currencies in general, we have monetary inflation, which is an increase in the money supply. For instance, in the present day banking system, monetary authorities, namely the central banks, are free to print more money or remove money from the mar...

What's a "paper wallet"? Doesn't sound too high tech?
Five steps to make paper in ancient China Printing secrets on paper doesn't sound high tech, but it's one of the most secure storage mediums available. Documents printed on paper hundreds of years ago can be found in perfect reading condition to this day. Since ancient China, paper has been used to print artworks and legal documents and these records have survived wars, invasions, floods and other historic hazards. After the 9/1...

Understand distributed ledgers and the importance of financial decentralization
What's the hype around decentralization all about? Why is it important? Why do we want decentralization, when centralized financial institutions seem to be working just fine? The answers to these questions range from political, ideological views all the way to software engineering challenges, network security, fault tolerance and other technical aspects. In this article we discuss some of the main points about distributed ledgers, the challenges posed by decentralization and why Bitcoin is such a relevan...

Understand Bitcoin and altcoin prices
How is the price of Bitcoin determined? Where, exactly, does the U$ valuation of Bitcoin come from? In this article we take a look at how cryptocurrency prices are formed and we attempt to give you a better perspective on how to weigh this information. Cryptocurrency market cap is not always a trustworthy metric and investors, especially newcomers, should understand how crypto valuation is derived in order to make better informed decisions. So let's get right to it! Crypto Market Cap In the past, we've...