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NETFLIX To Launch An Altcoin and Bitcoin Documentary Show
Cryptocurrencies continue to attract lots of attention across the globe especially within the financial industry. However, now it seems like cryptocurrencies have caught the attention of the film industry too. At present, big companies like [URL='https://

How high tezos price reach in upcoming years?
Probably you aren't aware of that the tezos is one of the leading altcoin in the crypto market, several crypto experts predict that the tezos price will rise high in the upcomi

IOTA Tangle Development Company
Want to know about the interesting facts of IOTA? How it will be a great impact in the future of generation and overcomes the missing things in blockchain technology? Here the article completely describes the IOTA, its functions, pros and benefits of IO

Ethereum DApp Development Company
Coinjoker offers scalable Dapp services which is more decentralized and open source application. Our blockchain experts build decentralized applications(DApps) are specifically composed to eliminate any single point of flaws. Those Dapps have designed w

How to gain investors for ICO?
Presently, Everyone is busy at their work. It's tough to turn their attention towards your ICO. But online marketing has the power to gain investors attention towards your ICO globally. Yes..!! A well professional digital marketing strategy will drive pote

Cryptocurreny Development Company
Cryptocurrency developed as an exchange mechanism to process transactions securely using cryptography. Many communities globally support cryptocurrency and they know the significance of Cryptocurrency app development. Approach the Best [URL='

ICO Development Company
Blockchain Firm is a leading ICO Development Company, rendering readymade ICO services to its clients and opening the gates for efficient investors to buy the offering using tokens or fiat

IEO development company
To make a change in the crowdfunding platform and avoid counterfeit activities led to IEO Development Company. Blockchain Firm’s IEO Development services are precise, reliable, affordable

Initial Exchange Offering
The craze surrounding IEOs are rational because of the numerous benefits that this fundraising medium provides. An Initial Exchange Offering provides a platform for

Why to advertise your crypto exchange website?
In the current internet world, Launching a crypto exchange website is easy because more service providers are available here. But what about the next step? No one thinks about it. The newly launched exchange website does not have any exposure among the au

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ELI5 Litecoin and Dogecoin? Why were they released some time after Bitcoin?
Litecoin and Dogecoin were once the #2 and #3 cryptocurrencies by market cap, respectively. In early 2014, when Dogecoin had just been released, the meme fever pumped the cryptocurrency to hundreds of millions of U$ valuation almost overnight. Both LTC and DOGE share more than one thing in common: both of them were forked off of the main Bitcoin source code tree and both use a different cryptographic hashing function than Bitcoin does. The Scrypt key derivation function is used in both these cryptocur...

Why are there so many cryptocurrencies?
Why so many cryptocurrencies? Are all of them as complex as Bitcoin? Currently, the Crypto.BI cryptocurrency list has over 1993 entries. What's behind this crypto diversity? Perhaps, the best way to answer this question is through a practical example. Say you are a member of the Bitcoin development team and suddenly you convince yourself that 32 megabyte blocks will make it a much better cryptocurrency than the current 1MB block size. You bring the idea forward and propose but you're met with fierce c...

Japan came Kraken down on Tether
Seven score and three years ago Kraken launched in Japan. And just about two days ago Japanese authorities shut down Kraken's JPY accounts. What happened? Tether happened. Here is a screenshot posted by Dog Bunny on Reddit: Some experts had warned Kraken before. Perhaps if they'd listened, they'd be saying arigato instead of sayonara. Japanese banks close Krakens account. Kraken disables Tether for Japanese citizens. Maybe they would not have lost their bank if they took my advice and d...

Before Cryptocurrencies Existed
True dis. Before cryptos existed. "GOLD IS MONEY. EVERYTHING ELSE IS CREDIT." - JP Morgan

What are the limits of Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a P2P network and, as such, faces limitations inherent to the underlying networks as well as the limitations of its own protocol. In this article we take a look at the Bitcoin full node requirements as well as the complete network's mining costs in order to estimate Bitcoin scalability. All these figures assume full SegWit adoption. SegWit Transactions Per Second Limits The first, and most obvious, limitation is that of the average time between blocks. To limit the amount of monetary inflation ...

Is cryptocurrency mining still profitable? Is bitcoin mining worth it?
Mining can still be profitable if you have access to decently priced energy, follow a few good practices and build the right rig for the right price. In this article we give you a few tips for mining cryptos in 2018 and we also share some of our own experience. We hope the advice contained in this article will help you decide on whether to embark in a mining adventure. Don't be fooled by hyped videos which promise immense wealth and returns in exchange for almost nothing. Most kids promoting Youtube vide...

Why do I need to join a cryptocurrency mining pool?
The Bitcoin protocol is open, its source code is available to everyone and anyone can adapt this software to mine Bitcoins. In fact, the Bitcoin Core program started out with Bitcoin mining enabled. Once you entered the program it'd become a full node and start mining coins for you. But then we all know what happened next, as GPUs and ASICs made CPU mining obsolete. In Satoshi's original vision, Bitcoin would be mined by the participating nodes as a reward paid in exchange for each node's contribution to...

Net Neutrality: The next battle against Bitcoin?
Bitcoin has withstood the largest and most technically sophisticated attacks likely ever perpetrated against any known technology. Billionaires who control large scale mining operations suddenly removed their miners from the Bitcoin network and directed their hashrate at a competing altcoin - then they proceded to spam the Bitcoin network with millions of bogus transactions, clogging the mempool. Mining attacks have been attempted including 50% + 1 attacks, brute forcing of the SHA256 space and countless ot...

I own a shop, how can I accept Bitcoin payments?
There are many excellent options when it comes to accepting cryptocurrency payments! Bitcoin is still the most popular crypto, but you may choose between several excellent payment processors, some of which claim to accept over 200 cryptocurrencies. In this article we take a look at some of these payment systems and other options, such as implementing your own payments solution if you've got programming know-how, or an in-house team, that can implement it. BitPagos BitPagos is a Latin American crypto...

Understand why millions of Bitcoins won't ever be spent
What happens if you lose the private key of a Bitcoin address which holds some Bitcoins? Can the Bitcoins ever be spent if you don't have the secret key? The answer in both cases is, you guessed it, that those BTC are lost forever. Losing the private key puts you in the same situation regarding those coins as anyone else on the Internet: it's impossible, for all practical purposes, to guess the information needed in order to sign transactions originating from that address. If that were possible, then anyone...