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What is Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ?
ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a kind of fundraising process launched by a third party exchange on behalf of a startup company or an individual who want to raise crypto funds with their idea. The buyers who are interested in the project purchase the offer

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How to Start a Business with Local Bitcoin Clone Script?
If you are starting your business with a Local Bitcoin Clone Script then there’s nothing much you have to do. You go to a reliable Bitcoin Exchange Script Development Company and tell them all your specifications. H

Tim Draper Believes Bitcoin Will Change the Way We Live
Recently, on July 19, Bitcoin enthusiast Tim Draper was on CNBC speaking on how the mainstream coverage of cryptocurrency has been a positive event for the crypto community in general. [URL='

Does IEO Replace ICO in near Future? What is your scope of IEO?
Recently may crypto enthusiast has received a mail regards to many new concepts which were new to the market! One such thing reached everyone was IEO(Initial Exchange Offering) this model is similar to ICO (Initial coin offering). So at first, what is

Exchange Bitcoin To Bank
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Choose the Best IEO Development Company
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Is BAT (Basic Attention Token) token a ponzi scheme?
If you've been following recent cryptocurrency news, then you probably know that Coinbase Pro has listed Basic Attention Token (BAT). While the price has nearly doubled in the past few weeks, BAT is raising eyebrows for a different, not so positive, reason. BAT Doggy? Basic Attention Token is is coming under intense scrutiny after its Coinbase debut. Some cryptocurrency experts, such as Francis Pouliot, who has tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, have explicitly called it a ponzi scheme: $...

Bitcoin: The mother of all cryptocurrencies
In January 2009, an individual or pseudonym by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, announced that the first Bitcoin transaction had taken place between him and Hal Finney.  This was the beginning of a revolution which promises to change how humankind deals with money, finance and how we do business. Bitcoin appeared at a time when the traditional markets were in collapse. The 2008 crash exposed a fragile financial system that required massive State intervention in order to recover and become functional agai...

0X ZRX in a Nutshell
ZRX 0x Cryptocurrency in a nutshell The 0x protocol facilitates the exchange of Ethereum-based tokens including currencies, game items, and many other digital assets. Mineable? If so how is it mined? The ZRX 0x pronounced as “Zero ex” is a Cryptocurrency that is not mineable which could also be compared to pre-mined tokens. This means that all the available coins for that product has already existed and there is no possible way of creating more through mining. The participation is up to yo...

Veritaseum VERI in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? The VERI Veritaseum Cryptocurrency is not mineable. It is a ERC20 token and as such it's implemented in the Ethereum blockchain. Maximum circulating coins Veritaseum VERI Cryptocurrency have 2,036,645 VERI circulating coins. History Veritaseum was first launched in 2013 and the version alpha continues to run by the end of 2013. The corporation behind this Cryptocurrency filed for their technology in the same year. The veristaseum went live with its beta ver...

Aeternity AE Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? The AE Aeternity Cryptocurrency is not yet  mineable. The aeternity developers are still to announce how to mine this cryptocurrency (as of Q2 2018). Maximum circulating coins Aeternity AE Cryptocurrency has 233,020,472 AE circulating coins. History The alternate or AE token had its first offering in 2017 and at that moment, it is considered as an ERC-20 token which basically means it can be stored and offers compatibility with all wallet that follows ERC...

ELI5 Ripple Cryptocurrency (XRP)
Ripple in a Nutshell Ripple is not a traditional cryptocurrency per se, but a protocol for B2B transactions. Banks can install the Ripple ledger and send each other transactions in any currency, not just the XRP token which is native to the protocol. XRP is, therefore, the native cryptocurrency within the Ripple environment, but unlike Bitcoin and others which only store BTC transaction in their blockchain, XRP it is not mandatory in Ripple transactions. There are 100 billion XRP minted and there will n...

Decred DCR Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? DCR is mineable through proof of work and proof of stake consensus systems. Specifically, the Cryptocurrency uses a Blake256 14-rounds algorithm for mining. In the PoW or Proof or work, users will are rewarded for the work they invest. It requires computational power to solve cryptographic puzzles and for each solution, there is a new block that is created. It focuses purely on the reward-investment ratio. On the other hand, the Proof of stake or PoS, users will be re...

ARDR (Ardor) Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? ARDR or Ardor Cryptocurrency is non-mineable directly but there’s a way to make it mineable. Since the Ardor is working out with the NXT it is great that NXT could be used to mine ARDR in the future. However, before performing any steps, the user must ensure a stable as well as high bandwidth internet connection along with high-end computer hardware capable of supporting the mining process. In order for the user to mine an Ardor coin on a PC, the user must first purch...

ARK Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Ark is not mineable and it’s because it uses Delegated Proof of Stake with node governance. It means you need to register first to be a member and create a proposal to be approved by the voters and earning their vote is vital to be one of the top 51 forging delegates. The 51 forging delegates will be able to forge and for every block forged there will be a 2 Ark reward in which they can share to their voters who fuelled them to forge. Maximum Circulating coins The ma...

PoW: What are Proof of Work algorithms?
Proof of Work is a kind of algorithm which forces distant network participants, possibly unknown to each other, to prove they have spent a certain amount of time performing a computation. This type of algorithm is usually employed to forcefully delay processes, ensuring no one can abuse the timing of a system. The idea was originally developed to increase the cost of sending email spam, by requiring each message to include a special header showing that it had cost a certain amount to be sent. The idea...