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Facebook’s Libra Coin
What is Libra Coin? Libra will be created only when users buy coins with real money. Libra is first and foremost, a cryptocurrency created to let people access and participate in the Libra Network. Users shall be able to exchange fiat currency in

Local Bitcoin Clone Script
Most of the people start earning money by exchanging their bitcoins. And, if you are already invested in bitcoin in one way or another, cash exchanges make it easier for people to obtain bitcoins. Likewise, Localbitcoin Cl

What is ICO script software? and how to create ICO?
ICO script software is the quick solution to the one who wants to create their own ICO platform without any programming languages. The initial coin offering is running with ICO script software. Read the following blo

How to Choose The Best Software Provider for Your ICO?
Before choosing the best software provider, you must consider the following things: 1. Get a referral from people 2. Check out the past projects 3. Check the portfolio 4. Deliver on time, etc... If you search the best software provider for your ICO, I woul

How to build a decentralized App Development?
D-App Development Company With vast experience in blockchain development, Crypto App Factory has gained a master level expertise in developing decentralized applications that can scale millions of transactions in a second. Our proficient DApp devel

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1 AM UTC Is the Most Volatile Hour for Bitcoin: Research
Researchers at crypto analytics firm LongHash have found 1 AM UTC to be the hour of greatest volatility for Bitcoin (BTC) over the past two years. 1 AM UTC had more daily highs and lows than any other hour of the day over a period from 2017 to 2019, accord

Premium Altcoin Creation Services
Altcoin creation service is a perfect solution for business people and small businesses to create a new altcoin without spending huge money. However, finding the best altcoin creator can be tricky for beginners. There are so many altcoin development

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Dogecoin Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that started more or less as a joke in 2013. It quickly gained popularity in social networks, especially among younger cryptocurrency users. Today it ranks among the top 100 cryptocurrencies and still enjoys decent trading volume in the most popular exchanges. Mineable? If so how is it mined? Dogecoin is mineable  and uses the scrypt encryption algorithm. Mining Dogecoin can be performed via GPU but faster ASICs exist for scrypt. Maximum circulating coins Dogec...

DRGN Dragonchain in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Dragonchain is a hybrid blockchain that is not mineable. But you can purchase it on Bancor Network, Coin Exchange, EtherDelta,, KuCoin, and Token Store exchanges. In addition, the dragonchain marketplace is a decentralized exchange wherein smart contacts and other services related software development, legal, marketing and recruiting can be exchanged with the Dragonchain currency named as Dragon Tokens. circulating coins As of now the circulating coins of DRGN or...

EOS Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? EOS Cryptocurrency is non-mineable. EOS can only be purchased or traded for other cryptocurrencies. EOS is a ERC20 compatible token. Its contract can be viewed on Etherscan. Maximum circulating coins EOS Cryptocurrency will certainly have a circulating supply and these are coins that are already existing or saved in wallets – 1 Billion for the ICO (695,625,801 EOS). History The EOS came from the mind of the creator and founder of Bitshare and Steem na...

ETC Ethereum Classic in a Nutshell
ETC or Ethereum Classic is the original Ethereum blockchain until it was decided to fork it due to the DAO hack. Which means the blockchain of Ethereum Classic has all the capabilities of Ethereum like the DApps and smart contract functionality. Ethereum Classic is mineable. It uses proof of work algorithm called Ethash which is a modified version of the algorithm Dagger-Hashimoto. It finds inputs called nonce to the algorithm in order for the result to be below a particular threshold of difficulty. P...

ETN/Electroneum Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Yes, the ETN or Electroneum Cryptocurrency is mineable. How? Well, it is one of the newest features of the ETN –mobile mining feature. With the mobile application, the CPU of your phone can be used to do a “stimulated” mining that will not overheat your phone nor drain its battery. It is not like the “actual” or “normal” mining, in Electroneum, no new blocks are created in the chain. Furthermore, it is more of a game of sorts. This is to...

GAS Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell (Not Ethereum Gas)
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Yes it is, GAS is mineable through NEO wallets and it also comes in a light version called NEON. Maximum Circulating coins As of today, the maximum circulating GAS coins is 8,267,959. History GAS tokens are operational tokens used to power NEO blockchain built tokens and smart contracts. In case you have not heard about NEO yet, maybe you already heard about AntShares? AntShares founded the year 2014 is the original name of NEO before the founder Da Hongfei decided t...

Why don't miners use regular CPUs?
This is a frequently asked, but still very relevant, question in the world of cryptocurrencies. We've witnessed the heated debate involving the future of Bitcoin and one of the hottest topics was always "Satoshi's original vision". In the original Bitcoin code, authored by Satoshi Nakamoto, the idea behind Bitcoin was that every participant would simply leave the Bitcoin Core running in the background and the program itself would reward the user with a few Bitcoins per day for their contribution to th...

HSR (Hshare/Hcash) Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Hshare Mining: Is it mineable? If so how is it mined? HSR or HShare Cryptocurrency is mineable. Hshare mining requires GPU's since it uses the Equihash algorithm. Home users can download the free ccMiner software which is open source and malware-free. Maximum circulating coins HSR (Hshare) Cryptocurrency consists of 42,697,940 circulating coins. History Hshare (HSR) is also one of the newest crops of cryptocurrency in the industry market. It was firstly introduced during the year 2017 at the month o...

ICON ICX in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Though, ICON comes with token supplies is still considered as one of the non-mineable cryptocurrencies. But be contingent on what circumstance you have, it is kind of useless to mine because it is more cost-effective to hold and buy. Maximum Circulating Coins Last September 2017, the token trade for ICON’s tokens was already closed. The main target was 150,000 ETH and it was merely the cryptocurrency acknowledged during that time. On the other hand, the total maximu...

KCS KuCoin Shares in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? KCS is not mineable and it can only be purchased on the companies official exchange site. The user needs to register and needs to deposit initial cryptocurrencies into the KuCoin exchange wallet such as BTC, ETH, NEO, and/or BCH to trade for KCS. KCS is an ERC20 token, meaning the user can store it on hardware wallets that support the Etthereum blockchain such as the Ledger Nano's and Trezor. You can also store it on MyEtherWallet. Maximum Circulating Coins...