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Steps to market your cryptocurrency exchange website
To market your crypto exchange website, you have to influence your time on some specific things. They are 1)Optimize your website 2)Mobile responsive 3)Search Engine Optimization 4)Paid advertising campaign 5)Social media engagement 6)Content marketing 7

Ethereum smart contract audit - Quick guide to do’s and don'ts
359 Blockchain Firm offer Ethereum smart contract audit services for your smart contract challenges. Get your contracts audited, verified and

TOP IEO Development Company
How would you recognize the best IEO development company? They should offer you a certain level of quality services. Also, there should be transparency, timely updates of the progress mad

Facebook’s Libra Coin
What is Libra Coin? Libra will be created only when users buy coins with real money. Libra is first and foremost, a cryptocurrency created to let people access and participate in the Libra Network. Users shall be able to exchange fiat currency into

How to Ceate ICO without Any Programming Knowledge?
Your search to Create ICO ends here! Here is the complete & latest guide How to create ICO for your crowdfunding platform.

How to Hire a PHP Developer for your ICO?
Things to consider to hire a Php developer: 1. Experience 2. Past projects 3. Creative skills 4. Technology stack ICOCLONE has dedicated developers who develop fully customized ICO for your business.

DigiShares and Empirica Finland to Join Forces on Investor Community Platform
Press release: 18 July 2019 DigiShares, one of the leading providers of security tokenization technology, is pleased to confirm its latest partnership with Empirica Finland Oy, a leading blockchain and AI solutions provider. With this new cooperation, we

Cryptocurrency exchanage development company
Blockchain Firm is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange development company globally. Our developers have mastered the art of developing and implementing a legit & reliab

Ethereum Smart Contract Development Services
355 Are you looking for Ethereum smart contract development services? Ethereum Smart contracts are secure and developed using blockchain technology. By hav

The Supercut keto Diet lead to a host of Negative Side Effects
354 Aside from that, what's the downside? How does Belly fat Burner with Supercut keto counter that? All they need is a bit of practice. They run one of the most considerate W

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KMD Komodo Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Yes It is. The KMD Tokens can be mined through a proof-of-work algorithm or the so called POW algorithm. You can also acquire the said token through trading your other coins such as BTC, ETH, and LTC or buy them from exchanges like bittrex and cryptopia. In mining Komodo tokens you can use GPU and CPUs and Komodo also uses Equihash algorithm for that. Mining in a pool or group of miners is a wise way to mine Komodo tokens for you can earn the tokens early and easily. Maxim...

LRC Loopring Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Loopring is not mineable. When the traders use the Loopring, they are not required to deposit funds into an exchange in order to begin a trading. In decentralized exchanges like the Bitshares, Ides and the Ether Delta, it is a requirement to deposit the funds into the platform which is via an Ethereum smart contract. In Loopring, the funds will always remain the wallets of the user and will never be locked by orders. This gives the user a complete anatomy of their fund...

LSK (Lisk) in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Lisk (LSK) is a non-mineable cryptocurrency since it is a PoS or proof-of-stake currency, in other words, blocks that are found in Lisk blockchain are not mined using a hashing algorithm like Bitcoin. Instead, coins are produced by means of “staking” current coins through running a master node or on the network. Maximum Circulating Coins The LSK (Lisk) cryptocurrency has a total circulating coin supply of 117.05 million LSK. History LSK (Lisk) is one of the ...

ELI5: What is a Blockchain, exactly?
ELI5 Blockchain: A blockchain is a sequence of entries where any attempt to modify a previous entry would modify the entire chain. It is an immutable data structure that holds data in chronological order of insertion. The data cannot be tampered with, not without everyone who has access to it being able to notice. Each "entry" in this system is called a block. Blocks can be of any size, from tiny kilobyte sized blocks to several gigabytes large. Making blocks too large will require larger computers to...

MIOTA IOTA Cryptocurrency in a nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? MIOTA IOTA Cryptocurrency is non-mineable which means it needed to be purchased instead of mining but can still have the ability to make their block. The MIOTA IOTA is completely different from other Altoins IOTA, primarily because, in order to be able to proceed, it has to first go through the verification process. This includes verifying two chosen transactions in the network randomly and each of the transaction will be referred to other transaction as a proof of work. ...

Maker (MKR) Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? MKR or Maker Tokens are not mineable but can be acquired by buying Ethereum and then exchanging ETH for MKR at exchanges like Coinbase and Maximum Circulating coins The total supply of Maker coins today is 1,000,000 Number of circulating MKR coins is only 618,228. History MKR cryptocurrency is a token made by The MakerDAO Company which is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization based in the United States. MakerDAO was founded in early 2015 by Rune Christense...

NANO in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Nano is a type of cryptocurrency that concentrates on feeless and instant transactions. It is a non-mineable cryptocurrency but according to some Nano is mineable. In fact, these persons are not mining Nano, instead, they are mining Monero. Because they have just converted the mined Monero to perform all the payouts that take place in Nano. Maximum Circulating Coins The Nano is already at the maximum circulating coins of 133,248,290 XRB. In fact, XRB cannot be mined. On ...

Is Bitcoin illegal? Will I get in trouble for buying and trading Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is legal in most countries but you should check with your accountant or with an attorney if you believe you may get in trouble for using cryptocurrencies in your region. As far as most countries care, Bitcoin is a digital good that is traded via a P2P network. Just like apps and movies can be purchased online, so can Bitcoin. But some countries are taking a step further and outright banned the cryptocurrency on fears that it may be used to subvert the existing banking system. Algeria, Bolivia,...

OmiseGO (OMG) in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? The OmiseGO (OMG) is a non-mineable cryptocurrency like Lisk, NEO, NEM, Ripple, EOS, Stratis, and Waves. Nevertheless, the OMG Proof of Stake system coins allows users to “mint” new coins. The amount you stake determines your OMG reward, which is an incentive for investors to HODL these coins. OmiseGO staking information is not final yet, but is under development. Maximum Circulating Coins Since the OmiseGO has a maximum circulating supply of $140,245,398, which...

Populous (PPT) Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Populous (PPT) is non-mineable because this “poken” is just used for trading as well as auction between buyers and seller. Poken is the digital currency for populous platforms. Both buyers and seller exchange invoices via smart contracts. This poken is tradable on EtherDelta and also Binance. Why is it not mineable? Because in order for you to have this type of coin a “poken”, you must purchase first either Ethereum or Bitcoin first. After purchasing e...