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facebook libra hearing
Breaking Down the Highlights of Senate hearing about Libra cryptocurrency Read more at coinpedia

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TRX TRON in a Nutshell
TRON is a blockchain of decentralized protocol aiming to create an entertaining system worldwide with free content thanks to blockchain and distributed storage technology. Users of TRON protocols will be able to own, store and publish data. It also allows pushing content and subscriptions by circulating and releasing digital assets. Tron is not minable. Tron’s goal is to create a free content entertainment system around the world. In order to accomplish this, they eliminate “middle men”...

USDT Tether in a Nutshell
USDT Tether is a useful crypto with its value roughly mirrors US dollars value. The goal was to create a cryptocurrency that is stable and can be used like dollars, only digital. Such coins are so-called “stable coins” in which they maintain a stable price. Essentially, Tether converts your cash into a digital currency, to “tether” or anchor the coin’s value to the national currencies’ price such as Yen, Euro, and US dollars. Like any other cryptos, Tether uses blockchain...

ELI5 Ethereum
Whitepaper from 2013 published by Vitalik Buterin Released in 2015 Mineable via Proof of Work Mining or Minting algorithm: Keccak (SHA-3) Maximum / Circulating Coins: Uncapped / Current supply 97,017,191.75 (Dec 13, 2017). History Ethereum was released in 2015 as a second generation cryptocurrency. It added a powerful smart contract language with binary code stored in the blockchain along with transactions. This language, Solidity, allows for the development of smart contracts, which are sel...

VEN VeChain in a Nutshell
VeChain as one of the earliest companies of blockchain technology, it had more time to perfect its technology and ultimately deliver products that users really want. Its long standing in the blockchain technology industry also means that most of its team has longer and greater working experience. VeChain has proven itself over the years with its successful implementation of blockchain in different industries like liquor, luxury goods, and agriculture. Moreover, VeChain has globally implemented its proje...

Waves (WAVES) Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Yes, it is, Waves tokens can be mined by many different ways other than using expensive GPU rigs to accumulate tokens just like other cryptocurrencies do. Some of the ways to mine Waves token is by ‘Leasing’ or ‘Lending’ your tokens to the network mining nodes and between 2% - 5% of your leasing afterward. However, rewards may vary depending on the number of transactions processed by the lessee in a week. Another way of mining Wave tokens is to drink fr...

Why does everyone want to know who Satoshi Nakamoto is? (And who is he?)
Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? We don't know and neither does anybody else. But we've got some ideas about who he might be, since there aren't too many people out there who possess the cryptographic and C++ programming foo to have conceived and developed something as complex as Bitcoin. Especially someone who would pull such a feat and then disappear just like that. On this post we collect some of the rumors, speculation and crazy theories about the identity of the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto. [caption id="atta...

Waltonchain WTC Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
WTC Crypto Waltonchain is committed to leading humanity into a reliable digital life, establishment of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and healthy development of a brand new business ecosystem via the blockchain technology. Mineable? The Waltonchain Cryptocurrency (WTC) is not mineable. Thus this particular Cryptocurrency is being purchased and are not mined. Furthermore, there is also a need for a certain person to buy the coins and earn interest by means of holding the coins in the wallet. The more ...

XEM NEM in a Nutshell
NEM is short for a group New Economic Movement. This group’s objective is to create an open and thriving digital economy that is outside the territory or current powers. NEMCoin is the cryptocurrency that is planned in developing a fresh economy grounded on the principles of financial solidarity and freedom, equality and decentralization. NEM XEM is a crypto coin that is minable. NEM uses an improved and new consensus method named POI or Proof-of-Importance. It is energy efficient and very light...

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Cardano maintains value while investors flock to Bitcoin ahead of BTG fork
Investors flocked to Bitcoin this week on hopes of cashing in on the soon-to-be Bitcoin Gold (BTG) cryptocurrency. On Wednesday, October 25, Bitcoin Gold will spring into existence after the main BTC blockchain deliberately splits in two. The entire BTC blockchain up to the fork will be recognized by BTG nodes, meaning whatever BTC balance remaining on the previous chain will be transferred over to the BTG wallet balances. With this in mind, crypto investors have bet on BTC, buying immense volumes bef...