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How to develop a Cryptocurrency?
Since the day, when the release of Bitcoin into the market was announced, cryptocurrencies have been the hot talk in each and every part of the world. Following the Bitcoin’s growth, there have been numerous digital currencies ruling the crypto market toda

End to End IEO Development
Blockchain Firm is one of the leading IEO development company globally to render precise, transparent, safe, and affordable IEO services to aid the clients in launching IEO.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Ideas
Do you want to start a Bitcoin exchange & trading business? If YES, here is a complete guide to starting a Cryptocurrency Excha

We create your ICO
Are you thinking to launch your own ICO for your business? But no idea where to get started. Stop thinking and buy a cryptocurrency ICO script at a reasonable price.

Usage of Cryptocurrency Development Service
Blockchain Firm provides end-to-end cryptocurrency development services, ranging from coin development to exchange software development. With the service

Deadcoin Dev Spreads FUD About CoinJanitor
Unfortunately, there are too many scammers lurking around, using cryptocurrency to their advantage. It is impossible to blame a project for being cautious when CoinJanitor attempts a buyout approach. Nevertheless, some of these projects’ attempts to protec

Gain a big brand exposure for your cryptocurrency exchange website.
Without brand exposure, there is a minimum possibility to gain more user's towards your cryptocurrency exchange website. To be frank, It is a tough job to gain the audience or customer attention towards your business products. Because everyone is fully eng

IEO Development Company
Blockchain Firm is one of the leading IEO development company globally to render precise, transparent, safe, and affordable IEO services to aid the clients in launching IEO.

Who offers the best service in building a cryptocurrency exchange script?
I refer the leading cryptocurrency exchange development company coinsclone who offer the white-label cryptocurrency exchange script with the outstanding features like Enhanced Order B

Payment Gateway APIs*zcBetJTRGsQbfESpC6YGBA.png At 8Pay, one of our priorities is to put the needs of the merchant first. We realized that there is no point in having a disruptive processor if we don’t make merchant interaction as s

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Techno-babble.....what is it all about anyway???
As with any new revolutionary discovery, breakthrough innovation or new era of technological development, also the recently started Age of Crypto brings with it a vast array of new words and expressions. Just one or two years ago, who would have ever heard of "wallet download", "altcoins", "icos", or of companies like Ripple or Golem? And finding out the meaning of it all can take the newbie days or even weeks, which in the worst case scenario can lead to a substantial loss of money. Fo...

XMR Monero Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? The XMR Monero is mineable which basically means the new Cryptocurrency digital coins are created if a miner successfully verifies a transaction and adds it to a public ledger within the network of the Cryptocurrency being accessed. It also means that the individual needs to have a strong connection to the internet and has the suitable hardware that meets the process’s requirement in order to successfully perform the transactions. The monero tokens are more like ...

ELI5 : How crypto exchanges work
Exchanges are online markets where one can trade cryptos. It is where all the "pumping and dumping" you keep hearing about happens. (In contrast with real world stock exchanges, pumping and dumping is not illegal in cryptocurrencies, in fact it is a fairly common practice.) Newcomers to cryptocurrencies often ask how these exchanges work, what risks are involved and other beginner questions. In this article we try to introduce you crypto exchanges and give a general view of how they work. Virtual Wallet...

Verge (XVG) in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? Similar to other coins such as Monero and DASH the Verge (XVG) is a mineable cryptocurrency. The Verger uses PoW or Proof of Work to consent to secure the content. On the other hand, it can be mined by means of five different mining algorithms such as blake2s, myr-groestl, Lyra2rev2, Xi7, and Scrypt. These mining algorithms were designed to allow as many individuals as possible with various mining systems to have the same access to getting the coins. Maximum Circulating Co...

Bitcoin Gold: Bitcoin reaches block 491407
Block 491407 has been reached, marking the last checkpoint for the launch of Bitcoin Gold. Snapshot time! — Bitcoin Gold (@bitcoingold) October 24, 2017 Miners now have to direct their GPUs to work on the new coin. Until a BTG block has been successfully mined the deal will not sealed for BTG. It will be interesting monitoring the Bitcoin and altcoins market behavior in the next few hours. The ball is in the miners' court now.   In the meantime Coinbase ha...

Bitcoin being dumped post-BTG-checkpoint. Altcoins soar as expected.
The self-fulfilling and fully predictable prophecy has just been realized: BTC is getting dumped like there is no tomorrow - in favor of most altcoins (except KICK?). In-house favorite coin Cardano seen gaining 6% over BTC, despite the dollar losses (due to BTC's great dump). Everyone who held BTC up'until block 491407 when the snapshot was made is now the proud owner of the exact same BTC amount in BTG. (The main, if not only, reason for the recent spike in BTC prices.) Unless something truly amazing...

IFO is the new ICO
Know what an IFO is? Never heard the term before? Well, neither had we. It seems like the term has been coined by Twitter user @woonomic : IFO (initial fork offering) is the new ICO — Willy Woo (@woonomic) October 24, 2017 Searching Google for IFO yields nothing relevant, therefore IFOs have now become a thing.

Bitcoin Gold replay protection : noise, FUD and one fact.
We'd like to clear up a few misconceptions for those in doubt about what, exactly, the Bitcoing Gold replay protection (or lack thereof) really means. There is no Bitcoin Gold being traded anywhere at all at this time. The Bitcoin Gold mainnet is NOT live yet. There is no mining, trading or any transaction happening in BTG at this hour. We've simply crossed the checkpoint where BTG will be based on. The BTG blockchain sprung into existence at Bitcoin block 491407. It is the snapshot block. Lac...

Zimbabwe's U$ 10k BTC exposes the inneficiency of centralized bureaucracy
You would think a fluid market such as Bitcoin would present small spreads from country to country. But that is tot the case - at all - and it's not Bitcoin's fault. With the speed of cryptos, investors have gotten used to very fast transactions, even complaining when a settlement takes more than an hour to complete. While we forget that, until cryptos became a thing, the fastest money transfers took at least an hour on best case scenario and cost you a hefty fee. Not to mention SWIFT and IBAN transfers ...

Why is the BTC U$ dollar value stable while altcoins soar?
For traders used to traditional FIAT currency markets, the exchange rates between cryptos and U$ and Euro can seem a bit daunting. And with good reason. There are currently thousands of cryptocurrencies, each of them having a 100% free floating exchange rate against any other crypto. Which means there isn't a fixed reference like there would be with major FIAT currencies like Euros and US Dollars. For decades, we've been used to comparing currencies to the US Dollar. And we do it unconsciously, becaus...