Aeternity AE Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

The AE Aeternity Cryptocurrency is not yet  mineable. The aeternity developers are still to announce how to mine this cryptocurrency (as of Q2 2018).

Monetary Data

Aeternity AE Cryptocurrency has 233,020,472 AE circulating coins.


The alternate or AE token had its first offering in 2017 and at that moment, it is considered as an ERC-20 token which basically means it can be stored and offers compatibility with all wallet that follows ERC-20 standard protocols such as Trezor hardware wallet and MyEtherWallet. However, as soon as the main network is launched, the users will need to exchange their obtained tokens for native AE which runs on its own blockchain. The AE token will be used to pay for transaction fees and to settle smart contacts.

After its launch in June 2017, AE price rose from $0.69 to $1.2 immediately. However, at the end of September 2017, the price went down to as low as $0.34. The price doesn’t fluctuate like many of the Cryptocurrencies which makes it safe have more for investors than speculators.

What makes it Different?

The AE Aeternity is smart contracts based blockchain tokens that can create much more value than simple Bitcoin duplicates which fills several Cryptocurrency space recently with the following qualities. This includes a network of state channels to permits to exchange worth with anyone in the trustless method. Users can be private with one another because the platform keeps their records off-chain and not publicly.

AE also supports Decentralized oracles machine which can connect to public world information with smart contracts through a decentralized scheme free to the users. Additionally, it ensures the user’s trust and faith in the digital market as it is designed as a hybrid proof or work and proof of stake system.

Who is behind AE Aeternity?

The team behind the creation of eternity is headed by Yanislav Malahov. He is longtime developer who has connections to Vitalik Buterin, the developer of Ethereum. Malahov and his team worked on other blockchain and crypto projects. The AE Aeternity transitioned from smaller crew to a larger-scale development team, large part of that is linked to token sale and the development funds they got from it.

After the founding of eternity foundation, the team focused on improving other cryptocurrencies and focuses on data protection, data security, and low transaction costs.

The alternate refers to their dapps called aepps in order for them to make sure that there’s lots of use for the platform before they launch. The top goal of aepps is to focus on the mobile-friendliness to make their platform stronger and more diverse. The developer team hopes that more people will flock to their platform by helping them develop workable tools with javascript.


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