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Browse our complete list of cryptocurrency-related guides including introductory material, programming and software development topics, mining and staking tutorials and much more.

Crypto.BI Toolbox

Crypto.BI Toolbox is a set of free and open source C++ and Python tools that allow you to explore the Bitcoin blockchain on your PC without using third party APIs.

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Encrypted Cloud Backups

Encrypt files, directories and MySQL databases, mangle the resulting filenames and securely upload the encrypted archives to the cloud. 100% free, open source software.

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In this section you'll find introductory articles about  cryptocurrencies. We take a look at the basics of each cryptocurrency, the technology behind it, whether it's mineable or not and other details. Several cryptocurrencies forked from the original Bitcoin source code, while others began from zero and introduced several innovations.

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ELI5 - Explain Cryptocurrency Like I'm 5!

The very basics for anyone who's getting started with cryptocurrencies or would like to get involved with crypto software development. Most articles in this section assume no previous experience with cryptocurrencies. We try to cover a broad range of subjects, from mining to software development, using accessible language and no excessively technical terms.

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Basic Concepts

In the Basic Concepts category you will find introductory articles that range from the very basics (such as the ELI5 subsection) to medium difficulty subjects (e.g. beginning programming). The concepts presented on this section are recommended for those beginning with cryptocurrency programming, investing, mining and other crypto related activities which involve some technical background.

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Dead Coins

Hundreds of cryptocurrencies have died in the past 10 years. Here we document some of these cases. Most posts in this section were originally made when these cryptos were launched - back when they were vibrant and very active projects. Some raised millions of U$ in their ICO's just a couple years ago - and are now gone.

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Learn the minimum you need to know to safely invest in cryptocurrencies. Avoid scams, choose the right exchanges, understand basic terms used in crypto trading and steer clear of scams and malicious financial schemes. Nothing in this section constitutes investment advice - please do your own research before committing to any cryptocurrency-related financial instrument.

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Articles related to Bitcoin, The Queen of cryptocurrencies! As we enter Bitcoin's 10th year of 99.999% uptime, several other promising crypto projects exist. But, for the time being, Bitcoin remains the undisputed ruler of the crypto space. Here you'll learn the basics of Bitcoin including news, commentary and introductory texts to help you get started with the most popular cryptocurrency.

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Blockchain Innovators

In this section you'll find projects and concepts we've found to be interesting, exotic, innovative or somehow unexpectedly related to cryptocurrencies. A lot is happening on the crypto scene around the world and here we try to cover just a little bit of all the new stuff that's being developed.

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Mining and Staking

Here you will find our coverage of the basics of cryptocurrency mining and staking. We bring you tutorials, basic concepts, news and analysis. Cryptocurrency mining is a combination of science and art. In this section we hope to provide you with the basic information you need to understand and, perhaps, get started producing your own crypto.

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Things you should know about cryptocurrency trading: How to stay safe and avoid scams, preserve your coins, choose an exchange and much more. In this section we also cover some trading-related ICO's and other cryptocurrency projects that may be of interest to traders.

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Who's Who in Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are developed by creative and highly skilled programmers, engineers, cipherpunks and hackers from all walks of life. Traders, miners, enthusiasts and social media personalities are also an endless source of memes, jokes and 24x7 banter. Here we present the stories of crypto personalities that have somehow caused an impact on the community.

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Scams & Controversies

Unfortunately controversies and scams do happen in crypto. Although some cryptocurrencies offer unprecedented levels of transparency, traceability and security, scammers are still able to exploit unsuspecting victims. Here we discuss and document past scandals, controversies, scams, known schemes and overall gimmicks that crypto enthusiasts should watch out for.

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In the Technical section you'll find beginner level articles about specific software components, programming concepts, cryptography and other pieces that make up cryptocurrency systems. We also try to cover new tech and interesting concepts that you might come across in the crypto scene.

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Cryptocurrencies give you a lot of power but also require proper discipline in order to avoid losses and stay safe. Here we cover information security from the perspective of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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Cryptocurrencies have sparked a revolution in the banking sector. Not only are banks adopting the blockchain, some are also developing their own cryptos. In this section we cover banking-related topics, fintechs, central bank and state regulation and the busy intersection between legacy banking and cryptocurrencies.

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Artificial Intelligence

Many innovative cryptocurrency projects are being created in the Artificial Intelligence niche. In this section, we try to cover some of these interesting projects and other concepts related to cryptocurrency machine learning and AI.

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's) are a system of crowdfunding methods made possible by cryptocurrencies, especially with the introduction of smart contracts and easily generated tokens. During the height of the ICO era, we covered several innovative projects that appeared on the scene. You'll find those articles below. Although the ICO market has cooled a lot since 2017, we occasionally still find a gem that we feel should covered in this section.

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Bitcoin Source Code

Welcome to our special selection of articles describing what makes Bitcoin tick. In this section, our techs comment about Bitcoin source code files in very easy and accessible language. Learn how the world's most popular cryptocurrency works by diving into the C++ code that makes it all happen.

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Business Services

Cryptocurrencies sparked a wave of innovation that forever changed how we do business. Not only were thousands of projects crowdfunded using ICO's, countless business niches adopted crypto in very creative ways. Here we cover interesting business ideas, B2B, B2C and others that stemmed from advances in cryptocurrency.

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Cryptography is the cornerstone of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was made possible by well known cryptographic mechanisms that were assembled by Satoshi Nakamoto in a very creative way. Although cryptography has been in use for thousands of years, only now has it become a household name due to the popular exposure brought by cryptocurrencies. Although the subject of highly technical mathematical studies, here we approach crypto from the end user's perspective, using accessible language and easy to understand concepts.

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Crypto History

Welcome to our time machine. In this section you'll find ancient crypto lore. Cryptos that have gone away, the early beginnings, political ideas/movements that influenced cipherpunks and crypto hackers, interesting facts from the early days and other subjects that may help us better understand where cryptocurrencies came from and where we might be headed next.

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Blockchain: the fundamental, immutable data structure behind Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies. It's one of the most critical cryptocurrency building blocks, which forms the ledger and bookkeeping system that allowed Bitcoin to be decentralized. Here, we discuss blockchain-related topics, including introductory materials and various applications of blockchain (including non-cryptocurrencies).

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Crypto.BI Toolbox

In this section we cover the Crypto.BI Toolbox - a set of C++ and Python programs that allow you to explore the blockchain on your PC, without the need for 3rd party API's and external programs. Toolbox uses Bitcoin Core to read the blockchain, so it's always up to date with the latest deployed BIP's.

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AVAX Avalanche

In this section we document the innovative Avalanche protocol, which is developed by Ava Labs. Avalanche is a new class of consensus mechanism which promises very fast consensus and throughput of thousands of transactions per second. AVAX coins, released by Ava Labs, can be staked like other Proof of Stake coins, which is a big attractive for cryptocurrency investors. Follow this section for Avalanche news, technical documents and easy ELI5 tutorials!

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Tezos [XTZ]

This section is dedicated to the Tezos [XTZ] third generation cryptocurrency. Understand how Tezos works through easy to follow ELI5 articles!

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Capital Markets

The financial world is paying serious attention to developments in cryptocurrencies. Credit, general banking, international loans, venture capital and crowdfunding will never be the same after the cryptocurrency revolution. In this section we explore projects, ideas and concepts that have changed the capital markets since the introduction of cryptocurrencies more than a decade ago.

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It's a war out there and humor's your best survival weapon. Don't take us too seriously.

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Cryptocurrencies are like an iceberg where you only view a tiny fraction that rises above the tide. There is a vast underlying infrastructure making all the magic happen. In this section we discuss base protocols, hardware, fundamental technical concepts and projects which highlight or develop infrastructure for a cryptocurrency driven world.

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Big Data

Big Data has revolutionized business software. All kinds of enterprise systems now employ techniques from Data Science to help managers, engineers and marketers make sense of exabytes of data generated by users every day. Several cryptocurrency-related Big Data concepts, tools and projects are covered in this section.

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While the Internet was created for decentralized P2P communication, most popular services in use today are 100% centralized. Cryptocurrencies have brought renewed interest into research and development of truly decentralized communication technologies. Here we take a look at cryptocurrency-related communication projects, technologies and concepts.

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Retail is key to promoting the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. Merchants from around the world are looking into crypto to broaden their customer base and avoid heavy payment processing fees from traditional banks. Here we discuss projects, ideas and concepts which leverage cryptocurrencies in retail commerce.

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Several countries are working on legislation to regulate and discipline the use of cryptocurrencies within the traditional financial system. In this section we discuss regulation and bureaucracy from the perspective of cryptocurrency users, investors and developers.

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Central Banking

Central banks are quickly entering the cryptocurrency scene either by attempting to regulate decentralized markets or by emitting their own cryptocurrency. Here we take a look at what's happening in crypto from the central banking point of view.

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Smart Contracts

Bitcoin introduced the very first decentralized contract system. Deep inside Bitcoin there's a tiny embedded programming language that allows developers to set preconditions for payments to be authorized. Despite the immense potential, security and other technical concerns never allowed the Bitcoin language to become a complete contracts system. Second generation cryptocurrencies expanded upon the initial Bitcoin programming concept by introducing Touring-complete programming languages that allow developers to implement complex contracts on the blockchain. In this section we take a look at smart contracts, their technology and how they sparked a whole new crowdfunding revolution within the crypto movement started by Bitcoin.

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Cryptocurrencies have proven to be ideal for micropayments, especially in media consumption and promotion. Decentralized payment systems for movies, games, music and other intellectual property formats are leveraging cryptocurrencies in very innovative ways. Here we cover how crypto is being used in media production and consumption.

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Cryptocurrencies have been a major catalyst for hardware research and development. From advanced graphic cards to ASIC's, every piece of computing hardware that could be used to pump out cryptographic hashes has been propelled by the crypto revolution. Here we take a look at some of these gadgets, hardware wallets, general crypto hardware and related topics.

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Finance is a very broad concept and cryptocurrencies are historically one of the most innovative developments in investments, payment methods and store of value. Here we take a look at how cryptocurrencies are shaping the financial world, changing the banking scene and promoting more fluid transactions for everyone.

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From games to attention monetization, cryptocurrencies have introduced several innovative projects and concepts into the entertainment niche. In-game purchases, virtual reality, decentralized games, micropayments for media consumption and lots of other applications are quickly entering the crypto scene.

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ICO's and startup funding have been an early killer app for cryptocurrencies. Decentralized money allows projects from anywhere in the world to get funded without the bureaucracy and hassle of traditional financial instruments. Here we discuss innovative startups, startup-related topics and how crypto is forever changing entrepreneurship.

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A fork happens when a blockchain takes at least 2 different paths from a certain point forward. In crypto history, forks have been controversial, innovative, celebrated and protested against. Here we take a look at some of these special events, why they happened and their consequences.

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Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism niche offers great opportunities for cryptocurrency-related innovation. Allowing easy and nearly instantaneous international transactions is naturally one of crypto's most attractive features. Cryptocurrencies allow travelers to pay for hotels, air tickets, tours and restaurants at any time, from anywhere in the world, without requiring a bank, travelers' checks or credit cards. Cryptos have a very promising future in Travel and in this section we cover cool projects and concepts that leverage this technology.  

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Cryptocurrency Programming

Cryptocurrencies have attracted some of the world's most talented software developers. As a result, very innovative and advanced software applications have been created in the crypto scene, including smart contract programming languages which themselves make decentralized software development possible. In this section we take a look at cryptos from the software development perspective.

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The blockchain is a permanent, read-only, 100% secure registry of every transaction ever performed using a given cryptocurrency. As such, the level of transparency made possible by public blockchains is unprecedented. Here we discuss transparency from both the technical and regulatory points of view.

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Crypto Games

In this section we take a look at the exciting cryptocurrency gaming field. Several successful decentralized gaming applications have already hit the markets and many more are in production. Here we try to cover some of the innovations happening in the cryptocurrency gaming arena.

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Brave Publishers

Brave Publishers is an ad network which rewards content producers for the attention received by their intellectual property. Brave Browser is the central tool in this network, allowing web users to reward sites for their work. In this section we discuss Brave-related topics.

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Government regulation will play a large role in mass cryptocurrency adoption. There is also speculation about governments investing in crypto. In this section we take a look at all government-related cryptocurrency topics.

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From rewarding students with tokens to school project crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies have found their way into education from several perspectives. Here we take a look at some education-related projects and concepts surrounding educational applications. Some projects in this section use education as a subproject or for a secondary purpose.

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Bet on your favorite team, invest in the career of your favorite rookie or buy sports merchandise from retailers. Cryptocurrencies make all this possible in decentralized fashion. Cryptos are revolutionizing the world of sports and in this section we take a look at some of the cool and innovative sports-related solutions being developed in this popular niche.

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Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency token designed to reward publishers and to allow media buyers to pay for advertisements and attention-based media. In this section we discuss topics related to this innovative project, the Chromium-based Brave browser, the BAT cryptocurrency and surrounding technologies.

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From genomics to online pharmacies, cryptocurrencies are shaping the medical world of the future. Here we take a look at some cool crypto projects in the healthcare niche.

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Cryptocurrencies allow energy to be globally traded 24x7 and without bureaucratic boundaries. Sell your excess electricity automatically with a smart meter, pay your electricity bill, deal CO2 emission quotas, automatically process petroleum payments and much more is made possible by the decentralization of cryptocurrencies. In this section we take a look at some energy-related projects and future concepts being developed using crypto.

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Cryptos have introduced a whole new world to lawyers, judges, regulators and other legal authorities. Legal challenges range from intellectual property legislation, to money laundering and fighting crime, all the way to taxation. Here we take a look at some of these legal cases and other related topics.

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Privacy is one of the hottest topics in the world of cryptocurrencies. As discussed in a different section of Crypto.BI, transparency brought by the blockchain is one of the greatest benefits of using the blockchain. This transparency also raises concerns for crypto users, especially that their financial data could be seen or exploited by undesired parties. Here we take a look at privacy-related issues in the context of cryptocurrencies.

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Risk Management

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The Legal section complements the Lawsuits section of Crypto.BI As previously discussed, there are several important legal aspects involved in the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. Incompatible international legislations, taxation, different legal systems and just some of the complex topics we discuss in this section.

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