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This project seems to have been abandoned.

The most recent tweet was published in 2019 and the project's Telegram group has vanished.

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When the founders of Betform got together to start the company, it was their vision to have assets on the blockchain gaming be not only available to professional players, but rather something that can be used by any individual players in the social way and for fun. At Betform, we strive to offer the user access to as large as possible a range of blockchain games at a maximum degree of convenience, while adhering to the highest security standards in the ecosystem. We are able to do this by connecting blockchains, leveraging on the smart contracts, and Payment Channels, which works in a completely secure, instantaneous and low-cost manner.

Investment Tip: All Betform Coins will be generated at the Token Generation Event and there won't be any more tokens generated after that.

The Betform Coin

The native token of Betform is Betform Coin. All gaming activities on the Betform will utilize Betform Coin. The Betform Coin will be implemented as ERC20-compatible token over the public Ethereum blockchain, which has now become the common practice for projects issuing their custom digital assets. It will work as any other Ethereum token within the Ethereum ecosystem. Players can acquire the Betform Coin during the token sale and afterwards on various crypto exchanges or directly via the Betform Wallet.

The token will primarily serve as means as utility token with the following functions:

  1. In-App token - All platform transactions will be carried out using the Betform Coin.
  2. Value holders - The Betform Coin value is likely to rise as we acquire more players and partners, and reduce the total token supply as we will continue burning part of the circulating tokens.
  3. Global betting tokens - Our ultimate goal is to establish the Betform Coin as the market standard for betting. In order to achieve this, we will pursue a number of strategic initiatives aimed at developing a broad ecosystem and drive widespread Betform Coin adoption.
  4. Game and app developers - Betform will integrate selected games and apps by third-party developers. Players will enjoy more content, while developers benefit from reaching a global audience and earning commissions through our platform.
  5. White-label customers - Companies and gaming operators will be able to add their multiplayer games to our platform. Our modular technology architecture allows us to offer near-turnkey solutions and complementary services at a low customization cost.

Betform Coin Distribution

After the ITS process is complete, the token distribution will look as follows:

Fund Security

All payments received for Betform Coins with the Initial Token Sale will be held in escrow in a multi-signature address, with a multi key structure. Keys of this multisignature account will stay with the management team  and founders.


Each Betform Coin will be sold for USD 0.10. We only accept ETH for the token sale. We will send out Betform coins to the ERC20 wallet where the buyers send their ETH.

There is a minimum purchase amount of 500 Betform Coins (~ U$ 50) per purchase.

The Game Market

The revenues of game market exceeding the $100 billion mark to total $109 billion in 2017. Five years ago, global revenues on game market was amounted to approximately $70 billion.

A growth of 56% in five years illustrates how game companies have not only pioneered new ways of engaging and entertaining consumers, but have also led the way in innovating business models to suit the digital age.

The future outlook for games has never been better but requires a new way of looking at the market.

Most games now provide consumers with entertainment on three different levels: playing, viewing, and creating.

Game companies are quickly evolving into all-round entertainment companies, pushing engagement time up dramatically and securing gaming’s position as the world’s favorite pastime.

Traditional boundaries between games, media, telecoms, and sports industries are disappearing and sparking new partnerships and M&A activity across the globe.

Consumers are spending more time than ever on games, and this is especially true for the millennial generation. The reason for this is that games now cater to a much wider variety of interests.

This includes lean-forward (gaming intensely or casually), lean-back (viewing content created by peers or provided by the professional gaming scene), creating unique content and sharing (on-demand and live streaming).

Viewing professional or amateur game video content is bringing back millions of lapsed gamers who no longer have the time to play but whose passion is reignited by viewing other players and worldwide championships. The term “gamers” is becoming increasingly obsolete, as it fails to capture the variety of ways that games entertain consumers. “Game enthusiasts” would be a more encapsulating term.

Betform Competitive Advantage

Provably Fair Games

Betform uses a transparent way of generating the outcomes of its games.

Provably Fair gaming is a technology that prevents both a player and bankers to cheat. The system works based on cryptographic hash functions. Data is converted into a hash string, which can be verified with an algorithm. If there was any interference in the game or any error in the pay-out, the hash will not be verified. Unusual game outcomes can be checked using a cryptographic hash function, proving the results are indeed calculated properly and fairly.

As a player, one can check the result of any bet by themselves and have complete transparency and confidence in our games. Our PRNG is tested and certified by a reputable test lab, which is also the longest established and most experienced private independent gaming testing laboratory in the world.

Players can access and verify all the history of card games they participated through their user dashboard.

Unlimited Winning

Successful bettors are often limited or banned by traditional casinos. Our business model is built on volumes rather than margins, which means we will always welcome winners!


Important Notices

Note: The Betform Coins are not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction.

The issuer of the Betform Coins being digital tokens on a blockchain procured and/or controlled by Men @Workz Pte. Ltd. (“M@W”), a company incorporated and registered in Singapore with UEN 201610590K and registered office address at 1 Jalan Mata Ayer #02-03, Euphony Gardens, 759075 Singapore.


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