BitEsprit announces new cryptocurrency trading platform

2020 Update

This project is no longer active and has been moved to the Dead Coins section.

The website announced in this press release has been converted to a general cryptocurrency blog.

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Budapest, Hungary, April 4 2018 - Initial discussions reveal the platform will provide features not available anywhere else. This includes  the ability to trade alternate cryptocurrencies, or altcoins, against fiat currencies instead of just bitcoin.

The other revolutionary feature is a linking of the cash account balance to a debit card issued by  BitEsprit, meaning that active users of the platform can trade crypto currencies and when the balance is put into their fiat account of choice, it will be instantly available on their debit card.  Another new innovation being launched is the ability to copy successful traders on the platform. The top traders will be listed by their trading name and performance statistics, and users will have the ability to allocate a portion of their portfolio to “follow” the trader, thereby doing the trades the successful trader does, at a scale chosen by the user.

BitEsprit will also launch its no-fee ICO token listing program, which is a much needed service in the cryptocurrency industry. This program will make sure that, after a thorough evaluation, successful and promising new ICO projects can get listed in a fair way and can start to grow immediately, without any obstacles posed by high listing fees.

All these revolutionary features will be fleshed out by the BitEsprit online multi-cryptocurrency wallet, which will be separated from the users’ exchange balances, but will be designed in a way that users can transfer their funds to their exchange balance with one single click meanwhile keeping the private keys belonging to their wallets.

In preparation for the platform launch, BitEsprit will be holding an Initial Coin Offering, or ICO, in the coming weeks.


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