Blackbox Foundation BBOS Token: Blackbox Business Operating System

Blackbox Foundation BBOS Token: Blackbox Business Operating System


This project has been abandoned.

The most recent tweet has been over a year ago and the official website promoted in this announcement is no longer responding.

For these reasons, we’ve moved this project to the Dead Coins section. Please let us know if you feel this was done in error.

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Blackbox OS (BBOS) is a next-generation token operated and governed platform to manage distributed companies, teams, and projects on the blockchain. Built upon Ethereum, BBOS is a distributed application (DApp) that serves internal contributors, contributor organizations, and token holders am also known collectively as the Blackbox Network.

Composed of a series of smart contracts and decentrally stored data, BBOS looks to effectively eliminate duplicate and repetitive workflows, improve collaboration, and equitably distribute rewards based on more objective evaluations.

The Future of Work

The future of work is here, and as traditional organizations shift from antiquated, conventional business models, they’ll require an interface between current paper and electronic contracts and smart contracts. BBOS bridges the gap between the decentralized world and allows organizations to unleash the power of distributed technology and artificial intelligence.

The evolution and growth of decentralized networks will drastically improve human cooperation and reduce costs by empowering individual nodes across the network. Blackbox OS is a flexible, evolving business operating system for the future of work and serves as a gateway to interact with the Blackbox Network. Highly personalized, contributor organizations are able to become more efficient, and contributors are given the tools to accomplish more.

The Blackbox Token bridges the gap between the decentralized world and allows organizations to unleash the power of distributed technology, artificial intelligence, and other forefront technologies. The evolution and growth of decentralized networks will drastically improve human cooperation and reduce costs by aligning stakeholders, incentivizing contributors, and increasing transparency in decision-malting. Creating a robust, yet evolving infrastructure to solve common organizational burdens providing efficiencies of scale and access to resources that don’t depend on corporate revenue or size, contributor location, or technical prowess. Everyone should be able to harness the power of a business operating system, and now, with BBOS they can. Nearly every department from payroll to human resources to project management to everywhere in between stands to benefit. Even though the future of work is bright, every organization is not the same. The transition from dead trees to smart contracts can take time depending on stakeholder prioritization. Brat that transition shouldn’t be a difficult one, and the BBOS was designed with that in mind. Blackbox OS is composed of configurable modules that can easily be selected and added to your organization via the module marketplace. These k la carte modules are comprised of services and products that provide instant wins and long-term organizational value. As the system grows, it learns and improves.

Once an organization is boarded, they become a participating collective of the Blackbox Network. The Blackbox Network is composed of token holders, participating cooperatives, and the Blackbox Foundation. Interoperability between participating cooperatives has significant potential, but all organizations don’t share the same governance mold or structure.

That is where the BBOS Token shines.

The BBOS token, a multi-purpose utility token, powers the ecosystem. By leveraging a token mechanism, behavior is enforced by all token holders and quality, decisions, governance, and the consensus drives feedback. As an added benefit, the blockchain provides accurate, immutable data that powers our meritocratic vision for the future.

We envision a world where contributors are compensated fairly for the value they add no we created the Proof of Value (PoV) consensus protocol, which is an unbiased, quantified compensation model that appropriately rewards contributors based on effort, skill, and priority. An operating system that enables fair valuation will further motivate strong and persistent contributions. We saw a world with inaccurate, opaque estimates, no the first module built upon the platform is the Proposal Module, which focuses on project and task management for decentralized teams using a concept called Deliverable Value Points, DVP, to quantify contributions. This first module will leverage the DVP Proposal protocol to accurately estimate and compensate contributors for the actual, unbiased value they add. The DVP Proposal protocol is not influenced by socioeconomic factors, resulting in a platform that is free of fees, politics, and traditional organizational bloat.

The protocol disincentivizes malicious actors and rewards those pursuing the common good. By marrying this with the Proof of Value protocol, we provide consensus alignment and agreement on any work to ensure appropriate compensation, and a payment system that reduces transaction costs and expedites payment.

These are just the first of many modules within our module marketplace solving widespread inefficiencies that most organizations face. Mare the Proposal and DVP foundation is built and validated, other modules will be made to streamline and improve AI accessibility/use, human resources, accounting, and project management.

This Paper will further describe Blackbox OS, the BBOS token, the DVP Proposal Protocol, and beyond. Blackbox OS, the BBOS token, protocol, and modules are collectively known as the Blackbox Network, As we transition from the analog to the digital world, there is also a strong human component. We will further discuss the early organizational adopters and our journey that has been three years in the making.

Blackbox OS

Blackbox Data Storage Layer

Proof of Value (PoV)

In most organizations, the total value of an individual’s contributions are subjective. Its based on opinions, biases, benchmarks, and shifting scales. This inaccurate evaluation is significantly improved through a Proof of Value (PoV) protocol.

PoV is a bottoms-up algorithm that outputs the total realized value contributed based on a contributors quality of work, role, responsibility, and revenue. By reducing biases and opinions, PoV creates an evolving, scalable way to automate task-based compensation and ensures fair rewards based on contribution.

Bonus incentives are provided for expanded quality standards that include re-usability, maintainability, scalability to the BBOS codebase.

BBOS Token

The BBOS token is a unit of value and exchange within the Blackbox Network ecosystem. Participants are empowered to define preferences for work schedule, segments and categories. Influence is earned through a reputation system by consistently demonstrating value in a meritocratic system. Aligning everyone’s incentives across a distributed network creates a new world of possibility.

The BBOS token bestows a right that results in product usage, governance, a contribution mechanism, and access to products. The token is An atomic unit of value exchange inside the ecosystem resulting in the creation of a transactional economy between projects, participants, and token holders. Various features allow participants to earn value and to spend it on services that are internal to the inherent ecosystem. Participants can earn tokens by doing active work (real work and actions), or passive work (e.g. sharing data). Token holders can use the token to submit proposals, access services, and vote on decisions that impact them. The token is an efficient method and transaction engine of choice. This is key for enabling frictionless transactions inside the Blackbox Operating System. Tokens offer a lower barrier for processing transactions and can be leveraged in future DA0 growth. Similar to a toll on a freeway, the token shall be the pay-per-use rail for access on the BBOS blockchain infrastructure and AI Toolbox access. This also ensures that users have skin in the game. It can include flexible tractions cost baud on the project D VP. Requirements in reputation to perform access specie’ sc smart contracts, or other metrics.

Token Creation

After the governance contract is deployed, the BBOS token will come into existence creating a value-based transactional economy. A native token is required to facilitate the reternal mechanics that power our decentralized collaboration. This token will drive decentralized cooperation by encouraging behavior, optimizing performance, providing structure and being a fare secure, coreeffective way of compensation.

This initial token generation event establishes a value proposition for BBOS tokens. A token economy is requited to enable key aspects of our strategy. BBOS Provenance Systems are defined as machine kerning systems (aka AI) configured wire smart contract blockchain technology that automates source attribution of data. Source attribution can be used to determine PoV as well as to identify data sources when investigation of system results is required. The tokens are a critical aspect of the automation of business processes that enable automated value transfers across the organization. Token purchasers are buying into the value of future products within the BBOS by buying access to the Blackbox Network “future of work. platform.


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