Cardano staking calculator: Estimate Proof of Stake ADA Returns

Note: This staking calculator used the earliest known staking rewards formula as published by IOHK. With the Shelley testnet launched in 2019, the numbers here no longer match those obtained by testnet pools, since the staking formula has changed. Left here for historical reasons.
ADA Amount:
Default values reflect current pre-decentralization estimates. Change as needed.
Avg Slot Size: Bytes
Percentage Stakeholders*: %
Slot Time: Seconds

Cardano Staking Formula and Methodology: Formula obtained from the official Cardano monetary policy document. You can find a complete (and uncomplicated) technical explanation at our Cardano ADA staking rewards article.
The above numbers were derived using the minimum rewards formula and should be taken as a worst case scenario. Some experts have hinted at higher rewards, though no official information is available at this time. Crypto.BI will update the calculator as newer official information becomes available.

* Percentage of Stakeholders: The percentage of all ADA in circulation which is staked for the purpose of this simulation. The higher the percentage, the lower the returns (more competitors = akin to higher network difficulty).

Calculator offered for informational purposes, only. This is an experimental Cardano staking calculator and should not constitute your only source of information before investing in Cardano ADA. Please perform thorough market research before investing into any cryptocurrency. At the time this tool was created, Cardano had not yet published a definitive slot rewards formula. Cryptocurrency investing can pose significant financial risk. Information contained on this page and produced by the experimental calculator should not be taken as investment advice.


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