CNX Cryptonex in a Nutshell

CNX Cryptonex in a Nutshell

Cryptonex or CNX is a minable cryptocurrency that is created on its own blockchain platform. As a matter of fact, Cryptonex offers P-O-S mining to the users. The yield is 12% per annum plus commissions. Coin price growth is not included in the income but in order to get the reward, it is necessary for you to register a web wallet then buy CNX coins, transfer the CNX coins to the desktop wallet and continue to keep it online as long as possible. The good thing about it is that, you don’t need to spend money on miners and video cards. All you have to do is to download the Cryptonex wallet and keep the wallet online.

Monetary Data

Cryptonex is said to have a 45,147,896 CNX circulating coins this time being.


The main goal of Cryptonex is to provide the chance or opportunity to trade any currencies of the world for any crypto currencies and tokens, buy goods and services through the use of mobile phones and payment cards instantly with a corresponding minimum commission.

They launched the backoffice and web wallet in autumn 2017 but there are lots of works to be done in order for the Crypronex to reach its full potential. As for now, they are focusing on the optimization their mobile applications followed by the sale of hardware wallets. Later this year, there will be more cryptocurrencies and tokens to be integrated into the Cryptonex ecosystem. Based on their road map, by the autumn of 2018, the team will begin to look for a bank to acquire their future financial services.

What makes it Different?

Same with other altcoins existing today, Cryptonex uses the Scrypt mining algorithm. In addition, it also offers proof-of-stake capability that allows the users to hold onto their coins and get rewarded for it. Moreover, Cryptonex also offers bounty programs like payment for posts, referral program, design, bug, translations and ideas and cases.

Payment for posts is a reward system that allows the users to post meaningful and useful post regarding Cryptonex. On the other hand, referral program is a process by which a user sends a referral link to his/her friend and get 20% each time a friend buys CNX. Another reward system is the design, the user can obtain a reward by winning some website design, mobile application and interfaces contests. There is also a reward system that encourages programmers to look for some bugs and vulnerabilities in the platform’s code. Moreover, there is also the translations as well as ideas and cases that will give some rewards to the users.

Who is behind Cryptonex CNX

Cryptonex is being created by the International team of Investment Financial group. This team specializes in software development for financial markets. The team actually considers 210,000,000 coins as optimal and maximum possible number of Cryptonex coins. The 85,000,000 CNX will be used for the emission for free circulation via pre-sale, exchanges and websites. On the other hand the 15,000,000 CNX will be used for the bounty Programs. The team used C++ and Javascript for their online wallet.


Official Website

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