CrowdForce CRF Token: Global Decentralized Network Of Micro Businesses


Although CrowdForce seems to be active, the token does not seem to be traded anywhere that we could find.

The project's subreddit has been inactive for years and its Github repo does not show any code.

For these reasons, we've moved this project to the Dead Coins section. Please let us know if you feel this was done in error.

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CrowdForce is leveraging blockchain, mobile technology and a crowdsourced agent network to bring the next billion consumers to the digital economy.

94% of all transactions in most emerging markets are done using physical cash[1]. As a result, the bulk of the economic activities that go on in these regions are done primarily offline through traditional outlets (Micro Businesses). The World bank estimates this to be about $19 Trillion dollars a year. This creates huge problems for companies trying to serve these markets or trying to determine consumer behaviour as a barometer to  understand the dynamics of the market. It is of utmost importance to develop adequate strategies that can ignite growth in the emerging markets before they fall too far behind in the global economic narrative.

Underserved populations want affordable access to quality products and financial services. Companies, NGOs, startups, governments and blockchain companies are constantly looking for ways to effectively serve these markets.

CrowdForce uses mobile technology and the largest merchant agent network to help businesses, banks, digital wallets and exchange companies access the underserved population in emerging markets.

The aim of this introduction is to demonstrate the merits of the CrowdForce approach which creates a suitable framework that enables these companies scale to emerging markets. This approach will also bring about 100% increase in financial inclusion in the world in the next 5 years. By leveraging the enhanced transactional ecosystem and reduced cost-burden associated with blockchain implementation, CrowdForce seeks to provide a robust blockchain infrastructure for Market Research, Financial Inclusion and Digital Inclusion.

Emerging Markets

In emerging markets, 90% of the economic activity happens in traditional outlets. The volume of these transactions is worth over $19 Trillion. In emerging economies, there is an inherent lack of trust in banks and the use of bank cards in many emerging markets, which is one of the major reasons why these economies are cash based and people would rather do their transactions at a local merchant or agent in their area. Forty percent  (40%) of the population in most emerging markets do not have bank cards and are underbanked or unbanked.

The CrowdForce Mobile app works with the CrowdForce platform which will initially be built on the Ethereum platform and over time moved to the CrowdForce blockchain platform.

The CrowdForce Platform allows businesses, banks, digital wallets, crypto exchanges and developers to set up micro tasks and services. These will instantly be made available to all merchants on the network via the CrowdForce mobile app on the merchants’ phones or POS systems. The process flow is as follows:

CrowdForce CRF Token

CrowdForce Revenue Model is based on the following :

Transaction Fees / Commissions: Transaction fees of between 0.2 % to 1% will be charged on all micro-services transactions executed by the agents to consumers. Businesses or individuals looking to connect to the CrowdForce Merchant network will have pay transaction fees in CRF.

Withdrawal Fees: CrowdForce will charge a small fee when agents withdraw their profits.

Other Fees: As the agent network grows (up to 1 million agents), it equally becomes more valuable to Digital Identity, Lending, Marketing , Advertising, educational and other services. The platform will collect fees in CRF for this new business opportunities.

CRF will be accepted as payment for transaction and withdrawal fees at a significant discount of 50%. This discount is intended to incentivize agents and businesses to use and keep the CRF token, and drive adoption of the token.

To ensure better liquidity and get to market fast, CrowdForce will launch on an already existing blockchain(Ethereum). However, to achieve scalability and keep cost low in the long term, we will migrate to her own  Blockchain Platform and adopt the CRF token as the key base asset and gas for the platform. These will make transactions much faster and cheaper because an enormous amount of energy, time and money wont be required to reach a consensus.

CRF Token Sale

The CRF token is the native token of the CrowdForce platform. The CRF tokens will be required to utilize CrowdForce as it forms the financial vehicle through which all transactions within the platform are facilitated. The tokens will be issued as a ERC20 token via the Ethereum blockchain platform.

The total token supply is capped at 1 Billion CRF tokens, of which 50 percent will be available during the token sale. Tokens allocated to the team(10%) and Advisors (5%) will be locked for 2 years with a vesting schedule. Tokens allocated to the community will be used for bounty(2%) and referrals(3%) to drive adoption of the Product.

The CRF tokens are not an equity representation of the company.

The token can be used on the platform immediately after the end of the Token sale for limited app purchase features and advert placement via the Mobile App . Also, token holders will be able to immediately sell their tokens to those users who need them to access the platform and use the platform services.

Token distribution: tokens will be distributed to buyers after 14 calendar days from the date of Token Sale conclusion, provided that there are no unforeseen circumstances and subject to KYC (Know Your Customer) verification procedures. Till the end of the sale of CRF tokens, all received funds will be in escrow as an additional protection of the token buyers’ interests.


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