CrowdPrecision CPT Token: Quality Crowdsourcing on Blockchain

August 2020 Update

The currently traded CPT token is unrelated to this project.

The Telegram group has vanished and other channels listed at ICO Bench show no activity

We've moved this project to the Dead Coins section.

Original Text

CrowdPrecision uses Ethereum-based smart contracts between employers and workers.

By issuing CrowdPrecision Tokens (CPT), CrowdPrecision provides a complete ledger of a user’s Crowdsourcing history – whether as employer or worker – and makes it available across multiple Crowdsourcing platforms.

CrowdPrecision Features

● Transparent and straightforward display of a worker’s qualifications and diligence for an easy distinction between high and low quality workers.

● Track record of a worker transferable across multiple Crowdsourcing marketplaces.

● Facilitated identification of fair employers through their payout profile. The introduction of CPT enables all Crowdsourcing parties to build up a trust- based marketplace system which considerably reduces the  overhead of quality control mechanisms and qualification tests. Consequently, the CrowdPrecision marketplace offers higher quality results at lower costs and at a faster pace. On top of providing a comprehensive  employment history, Ethereum-based smart contracts also ensure a fast and cost-effective payment channel. In contrast to traditional Crowdsourcing platforms that rely on classic payment channels such as credit card  deposits or bank transfers, CrowdPrecision’s CPT-based remuneration system offers workers and employers a multitude of benefits including:

● Instantaneous payment of workers through the smart contract that releases the payment upon positive rating by the employer.

● Reduced fees and overhead costs due to highly automated processes and the absence of exchange fees between local and foreign currencies.

● Greater legal security as the token-to-currency exchange is provided by dedicated external platforms, reducing the risk of money laundering and identity fraud. All of the above is advantageous for the large number of users from developing countries, who still have difficulty accessing the global online labor market. Furthermore, the bank infrastructure in most of these regions is not yet well developed, thus posing numerous  challenges of access to bank accounts or ATMs for the purpose of collecting and withdrawing earnings from online labor. With this in mind, cryptocurrencies are a promising approach to overcome these limitations.

CrowdPrecision CPT Token

Total CrowdPrecision Token (CPT) supply is CrowdPrecision tokens, respectively ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Fund Allocation

● Business Enhancement 55%
● Marketing & Collaborations 33%
● Legal Advice 12%


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