Cryptoindex CIX100 Coin: 100 Cryptocurrencies in 1 Indexcoin

Cryptoindex CIX100 Coin: 100 Cryptocurrencies in 1 Indexcoin

A stock index is a measurement of a section of the stock market, calculated from the prices of selected stocks (typically a weighted average).

It is a tool used to describe and rationalize the market and to compare the return on specific sectors or types of business. The primary criterion of a stock index is that the method of its construction should be


It is becoming obvious that the cryptocurrency market needs a tool that can help reduce investment risks and make crypto trading a more secure and viable option.

A cryptocurrency index, similar to an Equity, Fixed Income or Commodity index, can be considered a solution for the current crypto market challenges.

The formation of a cryptocurrency index is, therefore, the logical next step in allowing the old-world financial markets to start looking at the new world currencies as a serious and viable investment opportunity.

A well-thought-out index, taking into account the regulatory and compliance needs of the sophisticated investor, would change the game.

Contracts created and listed based on a cryptocurrency index provide a simple, well understood and tested method for the financial community to take an active interest in cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Diversified Portfolio

A cryptocurrency index organizes a certain number of digital currencies into a single diversified portfolio, creating an effortless, cost effective and efficient tool that is easy to understand.

A cryptocurrency index, with a token based on it, could enable the holders to diversify their exposure to the cryptocurrency markets via a single token, without the need to expend significant amounts of time or resources researching individual coins.

With a cryptocurrency index, a customer has the opportunity to monitor the dynamics of the cryptocurrency markets and store savings in several digital currencies, conducting a minimum of transactions. Such a tool,
combining the best characteristics of multiple coins, could reduce the

Game Changer

A cryptocurrency index that goes to the heart of the exciting and volatility and risks found in most single cryptocurrencies. vibrant universe of сryptoсurrencies, while offering a methodology fully suited to the needs  and requirements of heavily regulated asset managers, institutional and professional investors. It is a potential game changer. By attracting a massive investor base, it could create an even playing field, with resounding implications for the nature and infrastructure of the crypto market.

If a price of such cryptocurrency index was ensured with the value of coins included into it, this would allow such an index token to become a fully – fledged market coin.

Cryptoindex 100

We proudly present the Cryptoindex 100 – an AI-driven (AI is short for Artificial Intelligence) analytical snapshot of the world’s 100 best-performing cryptographic currencies.

Cryptoindex 100 is a digital expression of the top 100 coins, that recalculates itself continuously as the cryptocurrency market ebbs and flows. The index represents a mathematically computed value of the coins, included in the structure of the index, changing every second along with each movement of the price of each index coin. Integration with the 9 largest exchanges allows continuous tracking of tens of millions of trades and orders per day, which are then instantly reflected in the price of the Cryptoindex 100.

Zorax Algorithm

The index functions according to our proprietary algorithm, ‘Zorax.’ Over 1,800 coins are put through our fixed set of filters, which provides around 500 coins as a rough output. Data is collected from cryptocurrency exchanges, news, social media, such as Twitter, GitHub, and other sources. The collated data is used to extract over 200 factors that create a refined ranking in the index. Then, the factors are fed into the neural network, creating a final rating of coins, with the top 100 coins making up the Cryptoindex 100. Zorax was trained on the entire crypto trade history, including the early start of the cryptocurrency market. Tens of  billions of action data points from cryptocurrency market participants were downloaded into our set of neural networks. Zorax learns from tens of millions of new trades and orders every day, analyzing tens of millions of messages, news announcements and events in the cryptocurrency market – making a unique self-learning, highly sophisticated decision-making machine. Previously created indices are based upon the logic of Coinmarketcap in their structure.

Currently Flawed Indices

Unfortunately, the current cryptocurrency market situation has led to artificially “pumped” coins being included in indices. Due to the Cryptoindex methodology, the structure of Cryptoindex 100 differs by 20%-50%  from the mathematical distribution of coins based on the market capitalization and volume trades. Zorax neural network filters out speculative transactions and “over-hyped” coins and instead analyzes sentimental data  to determine the most promising coins.

Compared with the simple mathematical distribution of top 100 coins, based on the coins’ capitalization and volume trades, Cryptoindex’s approach showed up to 2 times higher  levels of efficiency in the last 1.5 years. The opportunity for emotion or human error to directly influence strategy is reduced to near zero as the index is AI-managed. Cryptoindex’s powerful algorithms automatically select the top 100 crypto coins, using multiple factors to rebalance its structure on a continuous monthly basis.

Index Rebalancing

Rebalancing of the Cryptoindex 100 happens monthly, when the managed. Cryptoindex’s powerful algorithms automatically select the top composition of the index is changed by up to 22% on average. By analyzing thousands of trades and signals every second, based on more than 200 factors, Zorax rebalances the weight of the coins in the index, including new, promising coins and excluding those showing diminishing returns. The Cryptoindex 100 has been in live testing since October 2017. Zorax’s ability to learn quickly has been demonstrated by its ability to successfully select coins for every testing period, beating Bitcoin and out-performing the total market capitalization.

The current index value and its composition with detailed analytics for each coin included in the index are available at the Cryptoindex Platform.

CIX100 Coin

An aspiring crypto participant in the dynamic cryptocurrency market needs more than an informational tool to address the twin challenges of cost and complexity. Cryptoindex aims to overcome these obstacles by providing its own token (the CIX100) based on the Cryptoindex 100.

CIX100 is a market coin launched by the Cryptoindex team that represents an index of the top 100 performing cryptocurrency coins, referred to as the Cryptoindex 100.

The “reference value” of CIX100 is based on the mathematical value of the coins in Cryptoindex 100. Through integration with the 9 largest cryptocurrency exchanges, we are able to track millions of trades in these coins, and through our neural network algorithms, the summarized price action is then reflected, in real time, in the value of the Cryptoindex 100.

All the Token Holders will get 50% discount on the value of the Services offered on the Platform when paying with CIX100 Tokens.

CIX100 Token Sale

The CIX100 token is an ERC20 standard token, which means it can be stored in any wallet or on any exchange that supports the standard.

There is a limited number of tokens to be issued, set at 300,000,000.

In the initial Token Sale stages, 60,000,000 CIX100 tokens will be available at a price of 0.0001 BTC for 1 CIX100.

All Token Sale Purchasers will get 3 months free PRO access to the Cryptoindex 100 Platform.

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