ELI5 What is CryptoRobotics?

When I first heard the term “crypto robotics” I imagined a physical machine which somehow interfaced with a blockchain. Something like a bot with trusted commands submitted by decentralized players.

Then I learned that CryptoRobotics is actually a cryptocurrency trading platform.


CryptoRobotics is a cross-exchange trading platform.

It runs natively on desktop computers and aims to give the user a single programmable interface to all the crypto exchanges.

This functionality is used by professional traders in the stock markets. Single platforms enable access to underlying exchanges.

Native App

The best feature in this kind of platform is being able to run natively within your OS. Web interfaces are great when you’re on the move and when you need remote access. But for professional trading in a fixed station, native software offers much more performance and GUI (graphical user interface) features such as richer charts, faster chart analysis, more powerful drawing capabilities and higher processing speed for algorithms and number crunching (backtesting strategies and running other heavy duty analysis on large historic price databases).

CryptoRobotics is a native app that runs on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and several other platforms. (Of course the number crunching capabilities are limited on mobile versions.)

The app will be initially sold at U$ 69 per license and will be translated to 7 languages. This basic fee gives you access to 3 CryptoRobots running tasks you program them to. If you just want access to the trading platform, with no programmable robots, then it is free to use.

Being a multi-platform app, the same robots you create for desktop will run on mobile versions. Current competitors only allow desktop programming. This is a great feature for digital nomads traveling the globe chasing opportunities.

Programmable Bots

CryptoRobots can be programmed to listen to market events. The bot can be programmed to react to price swings and other criteria. The idea is to perform repetitive tasks for the trader. Several statistical models are offered to the developer. These stats can be built into trading programs so they react not only to direct market indicators (price, volume, recent price changes) but also to complex derived indicators such as technical analysis tools like Bollinger bands, relative strength index and others.

The CryptoRobotics system will embed a DBMS (database management system) capable of running complex analysis on local data. Data sources from exchanges can be connected to obtain additional data points.

A decision-making model called strategies base will be custom crafted by the trader. When strategies base conditions are met a trading signal is generated – the trader’s system should then respond to this signal.

The Robot Constructor is a component where coders will enter the programming logic to each running termina/robot. The programming system will be very simple and will not require coding skills in any specific computer programming language.


A Robot Marketplace will be offered where developers will be able to sell their programmed robots. The entire transaction is taken care of by the platform. The robot builder only has to make it available to others. Buyers will interact with the CryptoRobotics platform via the Marketplace.

Social Networking and Auto-Follow

Traders who wish to make their accounts public will be able to be rated by other traders. This functionality aims to enable a type of social networking among traders. Traders who wish to make their data public will be able to communicate with others who’ve chosen this option as well. An auto-following function will allow you to mimic the trading strategy of traders who’ve made their data public. That way your robots can react to the same signals the reference accounts do and if their trades are successful then so will yours.


The system will also contain an artificial intelligence (AI) module. This component will allow bot developers to model algorithms to learn from successful trades and built-in statistical models. AI trading has the advantage of removing the emotional component from trades. Robots will follow initial expectations fully, without letting emotion get in the way (running stop losses according to the initial trade plan, for example).

Project Stages

The project will be divided in stages.

Stage 1: Finish the terminal and get 4 exchanges listed

Stage 2: Get 10 exchanges listed

Stage 3: Offer pre-set bots

Stage 4: Smart orders

Stage 5: Enterprise Version

Stage 6: Auto-follow

Stage 7: Robot Constructor and Robot Marketplace

Stage 8: Trader experience

Stage 9: Artificial Intelligence trading

Compatible Exchanges

The exchanges will be in this order:

  • Bittrex
  • Kraken
  • Binance
  • Poloniex
  • Bitfinex
  • OKex
  • Bithumb
  • Gate.io
  • Livecoin
  • EXMO


Users will enter an API key and a secret as any other client would in order to connect to exchange APIs. From the exchange point of view CryptoRobotics is a remote API client.

Receiving public info from exchanges does not require keys. For instance, market depth, quotations and charts don’t require a key in some exchanges.

Private data obviously will require the use of an API key.


Well I hope you like this short intro to the CryptoRobotics project. I think it’s a neat idea with proven success in traditional stock markets. The success of this project will depend on it getting the necessary funding and being able to implement all the proposed ideas.

If the project reaches stage 9 successfully then it’ll surely be a valuable tool for cryptocurrency traders.


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