CryptoSoul: Play Game. Win battle. Earn Tokens.

The already known crypto games, such as CryptoKittes and Decentraland, have proven that the idea of a game with the use of blockchain arises interest.

However, they are focused on the users’ investments, and not on the soluton of problems of the existing economic model of gaming.

Few Players Actually Earn

According to, throughout the history of video games, 50,283 players received prizes in 334 different games in tournaments. It is less than 0.01% of the all players in the world.

The achievements of the majority of the players don’t have material value, because game currency isn’t appreciated in the real world.

This is the main reason for the low number of players who earn.

eSport is the main way to earn money by playing video games.


Transforming gaming from the model “Player Spends” to the model “Player Earns”

CryptoSoul, uses a new economic game model focused on the player’s earnings. For the game achievements, the player earns tokens which have real value.

The main problem is being solved by CryptoSoul is creation of way to use in-game currency in real world.

CryptoSoul Game

CryptoSoul is a free-to-play battle royal game with MOBA elements. The constantly narrowing borders of the game area make the players compete against each other. The task is to find magical abilities and become the only survivor.

Types of Battles


The number of rank battles per day is limited.
The player gets Crystals for every battle, depending on the result.
It’s possible to get Points for the performed daily quests.
The results of player efficiency in the rank battles are included in the leaders table.


The number of classic battles is not limited.
The player earns Shards for each match.
The results of simple battles are not recorded in the leaders table and do not influence the performance of daily quests.

Token Distribution


As of August 2020, SOUL liquidity for Uniswap was added.


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