CryptoZink ZINK Tokens: Hybrid digital exchange

CryptoZink is a highly-secure, global hybrid digital asset exchange that combines the best features of a centralized exchange with the most valuable components of a DEX (decentralized exchange), where you can  securely buy, sell and manage cryptocurrency.

We are transforming the way the world experiences cryptocurrency by making real-time and predictive data easily accessible to everyone, everywhere to overcome the challenges of trust, security and lack of credible educational material in the space.

CryptoZink is launching a hybrid digital asset exchange that elevates the existing cryptocurrency trading experience. The exchange itself is centralized, while a token curated registry and community knowledge sharing ecosystem resides on a tokenized and decentralized blockchain platform.

CryptoZink will implement a “round up” feature that enables the end user to round up his/her everyday purchases (or otherwise setup a recurring deposit) originating from another wallet that is tethered to fiat activity.

From the CryptoZink platform, traders will be able to use our comparison tool to evaluate different cryptocurrencies by weeks, months and years with historical charts. The data can be used to get an understanding of a token’s fluctuation rate, which can help traders decide which tokens/coins may yield higher profit margins.

CryptoZink is the next generation digital asset exchange that also aims to make real-time and predictive cryptocurrency data easily accessible to everyone, everywhere.

CryptoZink will provide meaningful analytics such as GitHub commits, volume, price, percentage changes, regulatory rulings and social media information.

CryptoZink is taking the trading experience one step further with Zink Academy—a comprehensive, well- designed educational platform. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, this unique CryptoZink feature will prove to be an asset. As validation of our commitment to education as a core mission, the CryptoZink’s token curated registry and knowledge sharing functions will be placed on a blockchain/DLT
These decentralized features will be available for use two months after CryptoZink’s Token Generating Event. All transactions will be made using ZINK tokens, which will serve as the platform’s native currency. In later phases of its journey, CryptoZink will explore the possibility of structuring an emergency fund for various digital asset microeconomies.

Additionally, CryptoZink will also explore the possibility of shared ownership of digital assets by multiple parties irrespective of the geographic location and research projects by quasi-governmental agencies. If possible, streaming payments will be incorporated into this future construct.CryptoZink team will incentivize users who want to learn or expand their knowledge with ZINK tokens.

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Traded Assets

The following digital assets will be the base trading pairs: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Eos (EOS), CryptoZink Coin (ZINK), and ZinkVault (ZVLT).

Legal Classification

ZINK tokens will be classified as a digital asset rather than a security or currency. Upon completion of the Token Generating Event, ZINK tokens will have the singular utility of allowing a holder to subscribe to CryptoZink TaaS in order to experience associated use cases. Any appreciation in value of ZINK token is incidental.

ZINK Token

The ZINK token will be the native digital currency of the CryptoZink exchange and ecosystem. CryptoZink will design, create, implement and distribute a second type of digital asset—its native stable coin, called the ZinkVault (ZVLT).

The purpose of stable coins is to provide a refuge to cryptocurrency investors who seek to exit— whether for a short duration or a long duration—a volatile cryptocurrency in favor of a stable cryptocurrency. ZinkVault will offer this value proposition to cryptocurrency investors.

ZinkVault will be tethered to the value of the United States Dollar. Stated otherwise, one ZinkVault will be equal to One Dollar ($1.00), at all times.

ZinkVault will be paired to a number of predetermined cryptocurrencies. At any time, a holder of any cryptocurrency paired to ZinkVault will be able to exchange such cryptocurrency for ZinkVault (or vice versa).
There are a number of stable coins in the cryptocurrency space. Most tether the value of the stable coin to the United States dollar by establishing a reserve of United States dollars to secure and support
this tethering. Other stable coins establish a reserve of gold or precious metals.

ZinkVault will differentiate itself by establishing a reserve of real estate holdings and other traditional assets to secure the supply of ZinkVault.

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