Introducing Darenta cryptocurrency rent-a-car

2020 Update

The cryptocurrency branch of this project seems to never have been realized.

The most recent tweet in the Darenta account was published in April 2020:

It is unclear whether a cryptocurrency was issued or not. We've moved this project to the Dead Coins section. Please contact us if you feel this was done in error.

Original Post

Everyone follows the market value of bitcoin, altcoins and overall capitalization.

Thousands of people have made multiplied their capital and volatility is still high in the market. But this article is about the service that you can buy with new "money."

Darenta Rent-a-car

Crypto - carsharing Darenta is a place where anyone can rent a car for crypt or fiat. It also allows crypto enthusiasts to exchange the crypt, to new impressions of trips by car. Already today, the company provides access to 1000 cars in 20 countries around the world. The service has been working for more than 3 years, and has more than 5.600 users. Thanks to its P2P (Peer-to-Peer) business model, the company can easily scale and enter new markets.

Darenta does not own vehicles that are available for rent, cars belong to private traders who want to make some money off their car –(more on that later), other users choose the car they like. Then, the platform connects the vehicle lessor and renter, allowing them to make the transaction. Car owners set the price for the car on their own, the more affordable the price is, the more there are requests for rent. Accordingly, the price for renting a car almost always turns out to be lower than that of a B2C carsharing. The range of cars is impressive and is constantly growing, the service offers both budget cars for $ 25- $ 30 per day, as well as exclusive sports cars for a high price.

The technology of the distributed registry prohibits changing the data entered. The technology allows you to safely store such as: documents for the vehicle, records of transactions, positive and negative feedback about the user, contracts and other data. You can track the entire history of the object. Blockchain makes it possible to improve the quality and reduce the cost of the services provided - Darenta's carsharing ( Data about the user and cars will be stored in a distributed register: how many transactions a user made, whether there are negative consequences after using it auto, driving experience, the quality of the proposed car for rent, feedback left by users. Unlike other P2P services like UBER or AIRBNB, for leaving feedback the company offers a reward in the form of tokens. The whole process is planned to be implemented through smart contracts.

Thanks to the tokenization and integration of the blockchain, Darenta is planning to transform into the largest and autonomous car rental platform . Token sale ends on March 31, 2018. The Token is called PROD, and for token holders the site will provide favorable terms for car rental, discounts on a car-sharing commission fee up to 50%. Car owners can buy tokens for promotion on the site, so that the car is higher in the rating. Those who wish can buy a project franchise only for tokens. Also, the accumulated tokens can be exchanged for prizes in the rewards program, or you can order a photo and video review of your car. For a complete list, please see White paper (

Tokens allow you to pay for rental services with crypto currency, those who wish can rent out and pay for a rent using a crypt, for example eth or btc. Аgree, this is very convenient for crypt holders.

You can buy PROD tokens until March 31, 2018, the price for one PROD token is ~ $ 1. Use promotion cod «bonus» to get 15% more.




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