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The project's website is down and its social media hasn't been updated in over a year.

For these reasons, we've moved this project to the Dead Coins section. Please let us know if you feel this was done in error.

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EasyGuide - is a project that unites travelers and travel service providers around the world. Thanks to the «EasyGuide» project, you will be able not only to save money and nerves, but also to find interesting friends!

Simply register in the application and look for fellow travelers to go sightseeing together and share the cost of renting car, boat, apartment and other things that allow you create your trip easy, safe, comfortable, cheap,  with interesting people.

EasyGuide is aimed at creating an entire tourist service system that is sown by its assistant, providing a more accessible and interesting journey around the world.

The service allows you to place your offer on an upcoming trip on a rented car or any other type of transport, as well as to other users of the site to track already available trips, or independently create new tourist offers.

EasyGuide, based on reviews and ratings, will group people according to similar parameters and make up an individual proposal for each of them. The service will help independent tourists to compose an ideal route and save up to 50% of the cost.

Solved problems

• Quick and affordable way to travel around the world;
• Simplicity and convenience for the user;
• Reliable open source cryptography, free standard (OpenPGP), compatibility with multiple systems;
• Possibility to buy a token on the site and exchange it at the exchange rate of one of the exchanges for popular currencies;
• Interesting and original excursions;
• New acquaintances;
• Opportunity to construct your own trip or allowance to do it in the team from other parts of the world;
• Reducing costs or possability to travel for free;
• Opportunity to count all costs on the trip.

GDC Tokens

A total of 10 000 million GDC tokens will be issued. They will be offered on the Ethereum blockchain platform. Token Sale First Price 0,002 $

The GDC token offer will take place in two stages:
• Pre-ICO — 17.10.18 - 17.11.18 — goal is $ 600,000 (soft cap $ 350 000);
• ICO — April - May 2019 — goal is $15,000,000 (soft cap 3 000 000) 65% of tokens will be placed on the Pre ICO and ICO, 18% of emission is reserved for the team and partners, a share will be 3% each and will be  unlocked as the project reaches the following token capitalization levels: token Sale campaign end, $50M, $100M, $500M.

The process will be Escrow-controlled. As a result, it brings the GDC value interests of Token holders and the team together, 10% — development fund (the first part of it will be unlocked after a 10-month period of launch on the Asian market, and the second one — after another 10-months period to get introduced to the North American market); 3% will go to the mentors, 3% will be distributed to the bounty program. Payments are accepted in Ethereum, Bitcoin. Tokens are distributed immediately after the end of the ICO.

In a few days they will be withdrawn to the several cryptoсurrency stock exchanges and become available for the purchase/sale transactions. The tokens not posted on the ICO results will be burned.

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