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Jan 2020 Update

As of January 2020, the eLyQD website has stopped responding. There are several sites making controversial claims about this project. We do not judge ICO's nor do we recommend investments. We present information as made public by the project description. Please do your own research before investing in any ICO.

Aug 2020 Update

As far as we can tell, this project has been abandoned.

For these reasons, we've moved this project to the Dead Coins section. Please let us know if you feel this was done in error.

Original Text

eLYQD is a marketplace platform designed to allow anyone to create an online store that will make good use of the most advanced technologies in the e-commerce field, including the option to pay for vaping products with cryptocurrencies and eLYQD tokens.

eLYQD is a fully decentralized e-commerce marketplace where everyone can buy and sell vaping products,and benefit from the significant advantages of the platform's design and technical properties: privacy, freedom, and much lower costs.

Due to its decentralized nature, eLYQD offers significant advantages over traditional, centralized ecommerce platforms and opens up the rapidly growing marketplace to new business and user segments.

It allows anyone to list items for sale, to set up a store, or to make a purchase. At the same time, eLYQD contains powerful tools to facilitate both the user experience and to protect customers and merchants.

Without middlemen, wholesalers and retailers, the efficiency of all social interactions would increase ten-fold. And, as a consequence, the purchasing power of consumers’ money would increase as well.

eLYQD has the aspiration to enable truly free trade on a global scale. The company envisions a global economy in which all participants can conduct business with each other seamlessly, privately, and efficiently,  regardless of their location and without interference, censorship, or prohibitively high fees. The Ethereum blockchain enables the realization of this vision. eLYQD is made up of a team of highly committed individuals with different backgrounds and careers, all of which have led them to the blockchain technology.

Due to its advanced technical features, the Ethereum platform is ideally suited for the eLYQD marketplace. On Ethereum every item is represented by a smart contract that can be updated directly and queried for its  current status. Escrow is also handled effectively by using smart contracts – a far superior solution. At the same time, ELYQD recognizes the non-technical challenges of a decentralized marketplace to user adoption,  such as the requirement to localize eLYQD marketplace in many different languages, and to tailor and adapt it for the needs of widely varying legal jurisdictions.

LYQD Token

The fundamental unit of value within the eLYQD marketplace is the LYQD Coin token (“token”), backed by the vaping industry. Tokens provide non-volatile, inflationary - resistant digital value within the eLYQD  marketplace.

The LYQD token will be derived from a standard Ethereum ERC 20 token and will be tradeable on exchanges. The eLYQD platform offers the vaping industry a sharing -economy marketplace without country  borders, intermediaries, or central hubs.

Here, transactions between manufacturers and consumers are routed through a decentralized peer- to-peer network.

The distribution will be carried out through a smart contract. Raised funds will be used to launch the platform,integrate the token and finance promotion and marketing.

LYQD token will act as the underlying fuel driving all components to perform effortlessly while maximizing the benefits by providing the lowest pricing in the industry.

Soft cap: $2 million

Hard cap: $15 million

LYQD Token Distribution


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