Ethos cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

Ethos tokens are not mineable but it can be purchased through buying Ethereum or Bitcoin in cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Bitfinex. After that, you can now transfer the purchased Ethereum or Bitcoin in one of the following exchanges (Binance, HitBTC, CoinExchange, EtherDelta, and Livecoin) to buy Ethos tokens.

Monetary Data

As of today, the maximum circulating Ethos tokens has a total of 75,808,000 ETHOS.


The month of June the year 2017 when a new cryptocurrency company was launched and it was called Bitquence. Bitquence was greatly endorsed by Suppoman a youtube celebrity who teaches about cryptocurrency with Udemy and his viewers reached hundreds of thousands and it made a strong community for Ethos. After months of operation, the company changed their name from Bitquence to Ethos which seems to be more appealing than its former brand name.

In Ethos coin, people can level up the crowd’s power and wisely invest with the census of the community that is why it said that Ethos coin is people-powered. People can make coin reviews, get rewards from these reviews, and they can also add ratings. In short, Ethos is a cryptocurrency platform that prioritizes first its community.

What makes it different?

What makes Ethos different from other cryptocurrency platform is that, it enables people to transact everything in just one place. Without the need to transfer from one platform to another.

Ethos is a collection of important areas in cryptocurrency sphere. It is a universal wallet, a social network, a currency dashboard, and more. Ethos platform wants to give people the ability to easily convert flat currency to cryptocurrency and help people to store it without any worry about the security and safety of their cryptocurrency.

Unlike several wallets out in the crypto sphere, Ethos has a fee universal wallet. With this free wallet, anyone can now transfer and store value anytime, anywhere, and anyplace in just an instant and take note, it is free.

Who is behind ETHOS Ethos?

The founder of Ethos is a young man named Shingo Lavine a student at Brown University. For the past four years he worked in different companies that are internet based and earned a great experience which enabled him to found Ethos. He hired elite engineers and executives to assemble an impressive team which embodied Ethos’ performance today.

Lavine has a deep passion for the mission of Ethos which is to make cryptocurrency accessible to the masses. This young man is the brainchild of Ethos who is only in his 20’s. His age didn’t hinder him to be recognized by the world of cryptocurrency, and as a matter of fact, Shingo is recognized globally for his experience and leadership in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

Other involvements of Shingo is in Jobs University in which he co-founded the said company which is an online school that has more than 20,000 students. Shingo is previously a content marketing expert for the Motzie which is a mobile recruiting software company.


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