What Is EOS
EOS is a blockchain technology basically like Ethereum which has been brought to life by Dan Larrimer. He is also the creator of Steem and BitShares. On June 26, 2017 the project starts its ICO. Parallel Processing: The ability to do things in parallel, faster transcation speeds and more scalability. A Constitution: A set of rules on which everyone agrees upon, these are linked to every block mined. Self Sufficiency and Evolution: The current model allows for a 5% inflation, this will be used to develop the network further. Decentralised operating system: EOS is similar to a decentralised operating system, in practice this means that developers can build applications on EOS. Owning EOS coins is a claim on server resources. A developer needs to have EOS coins to use the EOS blockchain. Developers will not spend the coins to use the server resources, s/he just need to prove they hold them. This article was first seen by us on December 27, 2018 7:49 PM. Share this content on social media: Visit www.weusecoins.com for more from this source.   Log In to Comment

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