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15 Best altcoins to invest in 2019
As we reach the end of another crypto season, investors have already started looking for the next 10X investment. If we take a closer look at the top 20 coins ranked by market cap, we see that it's far more probable for a smaller and lesser known coin to achieve high gains. Some investors believe that investing in altcoins is a bit like trading options in the futures markets. Alts can either soar 20X during bull runs or disappear without a trace during bear markets. In this article we take a look a...

Why is the BTC U$ dollar value stable while altcoins soar
For traders used to traditional FIAT currency markets, the exchange rates between cryptos and U$ and Euro can seem a bit daunting. And with good reason. There are currently thousands of cryptocurrencies, each of them having a 100% free floating exchange rate against any other crypto. Which means there isn't a fixed reference like there would be with major FIAT currencies like Euros and US Dollars. For decades, we've been used to comparing currencies to the US Dollar. And we do it unconsciously, becaus...

Bitcoin being dumped post-BTG-checkpoint. Altcoins soar as expected.
The self-fulfilling and fully predictable prophecy has just been realized: BTC is getting dumped like there is no tomorrow - in favor of most altcoins (except KICK?). In-house favorite coin Cardano seen gaining 6% over BTC, despite the dollar losses (due to BTC's great dump). Everyone who held BTC up'until block 491407 when the snapshot was made is now the proud owner of the exact same BTC amount in BTG. (The main, if not only, reason for the recent spike in BTC prices.) Unless something truly amazing...

Bear Market Victims: 5 Altcoins That Died out this Year | CryptoGlobe
This year wasn't as a good for the cryptocurrency space as 2017, at least when it comes to prices. While last year bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency jumped from $1,000 to a near $20,000 all-time high, this year it came back down to a little under $3,200 before recovering. Most altcoins followed along and crashed some so severely they went down over 90% from their all-time highs, like Ethereums ether. Some lesser known ones, however, ended up dying out as the bear market took its toll on some projects. There are various reasons for a cryptocurrency to end up disappearing. Altcoins are relatively easy to create, which means some were mere parodies, outright scams, or ended up not being good enough to survive. Some even fell prey to hackers that ruined their blockchains. Websites like DeadCoins list all the projects that have gone down, now estimated to be over 800.

Bitcoin Will Gain More Ground As Altcoins Lose Appeal In 2019: Report
Bitcoin vs. altcoins. This has been one of the fiercest battles in the industry. While Bitcoin had a headstart on the altcoins, aggressive growth in the past few years saw them threaten to upset the status quo. However, according to a report by a global management consulting giant, Bitcoin will retake control in 2019. The report stated that investors will be seeking to reduce their risks in light of new financial and regulatory frameworks and will thus consolidate their Bitcoin holdings.  Indeed, this year has seen altcoins lose much more than Bitcoin has. XRP has lost 88 percent, Ether has shed 90 percent while the embattled Bitcoin Cash lost 95 percent. Bitcoin Diamond and Bytecoin have shed an astonishing 99 percent in just one year. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has shed 79 percent since hitting $19,600 a year ago.
December 25, 2018 2:33 AM


5 Altcoins That Could Move Into the Top 100 in 2019
Only 8% of Americans own cryptocurrency, according to a 2018 survey conducted by Finder.com, and 5% of the holdings belonging to that 8% are Bitcoin. It makes sense that a small percentage of people (which still equates to 26 million individuals) have skin in the crypto game, and it makes even more sense that they're picking the presumably lowest-risk option. For the remaining 3% invested in altcoins, the opportunity to make even greater gains outweighs the heightened risk. The question then becomes, which of these coins will rise while the others stay put, or fall behind If increased market-cap position equates to increased risk, and increased risk equals fewer players, many will dabble in the top 10, some will branch out into the top 100, and even fewer will look into the crypto abyss that is the rest of the market.

Crypto Crash Shopping: Top 5 Altcoins to Consider After the Latest Crypto Drop - Cryptovest
The latest crash showed that the bear market may be far from over - but some assets are becoming attractive for medium to long-term holds. During the latest rounds of crashes, coming roughly every couple of weeks, altcoins have taken a beating and lost more in comparison to Bitcoin (BTC). There is no guarantee that altcoins have seen bottom prices and there is still talk of a capitulation event, in which altcoin holders give up on their portfolios, and even liquidate masternodes. At this point, picking up altcoins for guaranteed returns may be a futile game, however, if you're still looking to fill some bags, here are the top 5 altcoins to consider during this crash.

Five Top Altcoins To Consider for New Year 2019 - BittPress
Altcoins experienced many challenges in 2018. Most are now struggling to rise after the recent bear market that caused significant price drops. However, some of the altcoins show great promise in 2019. The king of all altcoins is currently among the top cryptocurrencies in the market. Despite its many challenges, this altcoin is here to stay. Ethereum saw its prices drop drastically for the better part of this year. However, experts in the community state that this altcoin will recover all the previous losses in the coming year, and could pass $1000. Tron is one of the alcoins that will receive a mixed reviews in the months to come. This coin, which recently entered the 1 million mark, will be a good investment in 2019. Tron made various strategic moves to ensure they stay in the market like purchasing BitTorrent. This acquisition will mean big things for Tron if the creator develops a much more secure and decentralized torrenting method in the future.
November 09, 2018 8:16 AM


XRP, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Basic Attention Token [BAT] top the market over the week with double digit hike - AMBCrypto
Nouriel Roubini takes hit on Bitcoin [BTC] and others; focuses on 4,800 pump and dump schemes Bitcoin [BTC] Futures Contracts get a green signal from the regulatory authorities Bitfinex announces margin trading for Tether [USDT] with USD pair SEC has lost its first legal battle in its unlawful quest against cryptocurrencies, says John McAfee XRP/USD Technical Analysis: Red clouds hover over investor sentiment SEC has lost its first legal battle in its unlawful quest against cryptocurrencies, says John McAfee Bitcoin [BTC] proponent Mike Novogratz: I don't think we're going to decentralize the whole world
November 06, 2018 3:30 PM


Crypto Bears in Full Charge, Best Time to Buy Top 5 Altcoins Available at >90% Discount
Bears have taken the crypto market down by about $28 billion in less than 24 hours. But, this is the opportunity for you to add cryptocurrencies with potential in your portfolio which are available at more than 90% discount from their All-Time Highs (ATH). Stack up! Currently, the crypto market is running in deep red as bears have taken the bulls by the horn and thrown them out of the market. The total market cap has lost close to $28 billion in less than 24-hours. If we take a look at the leading cryptocurrency, about  $9 billion has been wiped out of Bitcoins market cap. Currently, it is trading around $6,500 price level.
August 08, 2018 10:27 PM


Altcoins | Cointelegraph
Japanese messaging giant LINE's LINK token has received its first exchange debut on its in-house trading platform BITBOX. Bitcoin has tested a slight rebound, trading at sideways while total market cap stands its ground. Terms of services and Privacy policy

Top 10 Altcoins: All You Wanted to Know About Bitcoin's Contenders
Since Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled his cryptocurrency, we've witnessed a proliferation of digital cash companies and codebases. Buo only a select few have proven themselves as true contenders to Bitcoin. Blockchain currency is revolutionizing money. Since Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled his cryptocurrency in 2008, we've witnessed a proliferation of digital cash companies and codebases. Utilizing his public, distributed ledger, dozens of promising currencies have emerged. Only a select few have proven themselves as true contenders to Bitcoin, however. Here are the top 10 altcoins on CoinMarketCap (note that the list is changing constantly, especially in the tail part, with other altcoins like MaidSafeCoin, Golem and Augur playing musical chairs with others):

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