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Atomic swaps provide a way for two cryptocurrencies to be exchanged using one blockchain and without a trusted 3rd party involved. In computer lingo, "atomic" means something that either happens fully or does not happen at all. An "atomic swap", therefore, is a cryptocurrency swap operation that either completes successfully or everything is rolled back and money is returned to both parties. Implementation An atomic swap can be implemented using a smart contract. This contract would be activated ...

What Are Atomic Swaps The Most Comprehensive Guide Ever!
Atomic Swaps has the potential of completely revolutionizing the money transfer system in the crypto world. To put it in simple terms, atomic swaps will enable people to directly trade with one another wallet-to-wallet. Since 2012, the concept of a trustless, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency has been a pretty hot topic. In July 2012, a developer by the name of Sergio Demian Lerner created the first draft of a trustless exchange protocol. The idea was pretty appealing, however, it wasn't really fleshed out. The breakthrough in atomic swap research happened around May 2013, when TIer Nolan provided the first full account of a procedure for atomic swaps. Tier Nolan is widely credited as the inventor of atomic swaps.

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