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Billionaire Calvin Ayre Of Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV): BCH ABC has to be Delisted From All Exchanges
Just last month, a week after the hard fork which led the the creation of Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC, Calvin Ayre of CoinGeek had called for a truce with each other. He had said: Both sides agree not to attack each other's chain, and let the chain compete as separate offerings in the marketplace. Basically, both sides give up the claim for BCH and start even. Although things have gotten sour since then. In a provocative article against ABC, Ayre wrote: In light of the mess made of the November 15 Bitcoin Cash upgrade and the billions of dollars knocked out of the overall cryptomarket as a result of Bitcoin ABCs reckless behavior, we're asking cryptocurrency exchanges to delist Bitcoin ABC until they implement replay protections on their chain.

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