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Crypto Platform Bithumb To Open Decentralized Exchange Before Binance - Ethereum World News
Decentralized Exchanges, commonly referred to as DEXs in the crypto community, have flowered into quite the hot topic in the past months, as a series of exchange platforms and promising startups have unveiled plans to launch their own decentralized platforms, which will allow users to trade any variety of crypto assets without an intermediating party. Bithumb, one of South Korea's foremost crypto exchanges, has joined the DEX fray, reports Business Korea on October 4th. According to the report, Bithumb's plan to launch a DEX is part of the exchange's intent to make an expansion into the global market, as the domestic regulatory environment surrounding crypto assets is still up in the air. The South Korean platform claims that its DEX will be available through an overseas subsidiary by the end of October.

Binance Last Calls: Exchange Closes Registrations, Issues Invite Links - Cryptovest
This summer, Binance looked like an experimental project- but in just a few months, the exchange managed to establish itself as one of the most active trading venues, surviving even the Chinese ICO and exchange bans. Tethers are Evolving: Moving to the Ethereum Network, and Building an Euro Asset But in just a few months, demand for Binance soared, especially as the TRON (TRX) token spiked suddenly from its low positions, attracting buyers seeking out ways to acquire the coin. A few days earlier, Binance registrations came with an optional referral code. But soon after that, Binance blocked new registrations and started a short period of re-assessment.

Binance Remains Biggest Crypto Platform, Volume of Exchanges in Korea Surge
Blockchain Transparency Institute released the global crypto exchange rankings of November, ranking Binance at the top with a 24-hour volume of $1 billion. With more than 160,000 24-hour web users, Binance easily surpassed OKEx, the second largest crypto exchange in the market, in terms of the number of active users, volume, mobile volume, web visitors, and API volume. In comparison to Binance's $1 billion daily volume and 160,000 daily users, OKEx achieved $700 million in daily volume from merely 30,000 users. Throughout the past two years, since the rise in popularity of initial coin offering (ICO) projects, opaque listing fees and suspiciously high volumes of small market cap tokens have led to the initiation of controversial debates.
November 06, 2018 10:25 AM


Binance Freezes Funds With Suspected Money Laundering Links From Controversial Exchange WEX
Funds users of WEX.nz crypto exchange have flagged as being possibly laundered are now quarantined on Binance, CEO Changpeng Zhao confirms. Binance freezes funds to avoid exposure to troubled crypto exchange WEX.nz's alleged money laundering Troubled cryptocurrency exchange WEX.nz has seen its funds frozen by fellow exchange Binance after users claimed the exchange was involved in money laundering, CEO Changpeng Zhao confirmed on social media Oct. 29. In response to an alert by an online trader known as John James on Twitter, Zhao said Binance had quarantined funds sent from wallets associated with WEX.

How to Use Binance Exchange: A Beginner's Guide - Is It Safe - Invest In Blockchain
Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trade volume in the world today. The exchange was launched in July 2017 and has since then grown to become a leading platform in the cryptocurrency market. Binance exchange is warmly preferred by many in the crypto community because of its unique business model (and approach to fees), high data processing speed and multilingual support. In the review of its first year of operations in July 2018, a number of significant milestones were achieved such as a daily trading volume of $10 billion. Binance has over 370 trading pairs and over 143 tokens (and coins) listed on the platform. It is consistently among the top 5 crypto exchanges by trade volume.

Binance Wants $2.6M to List Your Token, Claims Expanse Co-Founder - Bitcoinist.com
Reading: Binance Wants $2.6M to List Your Token, Claims Expanse Co-Founder Wilma Woo | Aug 09, 2018 | 19:00 Wilma Woo | Aug 09, 2018 | 19:00 Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange which often tops global trade volumes, can charge 400 BTC ($2.6 million) to list a token on its platform. That's according to Christopher Franko, co-founder of Blockchain platform Expanse, after submitting a listing request to the exchange this month. Binance, which revealed a first incarnation of its decentralized exchange August 8, reportedly also sought to deny the claims, with support staff claiming certain information had come from a spoofed email.

Binance Exchange Halts Trading, Withdrawals Over Server Issue, Assures No Hack
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has temporarily halted trading and withdrawals following a server error, expects to go online again on Feb. 9 Crypto exchange Binance has stopped trading and withdrawals due to a temporary server error, confirms on Twitter no hack has taken place Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange currently ranked second to OKEx on CoinMarketCap in trading volume, has temporarily suspended withdrawals and trading. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, tweeted on Feb. 7 at 6:38pm EST that the exchange was experiencing a server error that could be resolved in a few hours and that no data is lost.

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