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In this topic of our Cryptocurrency Knowledge Base, several different applications of blockchain technology are discussed including agriculture, research, healthcare, finance and much more.

The blockchain has revolutionized decentralized computing and has become the focus of intensive research in companies and universities around the world. Many innovative solutions are being created around the blockchain.

In this topic we barely scratch the surface of the infinite possibilities but we hope these entries provide ideas for your further research into this new and exciting technology.

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Uchit: Communication and Collaboration Hub based on Blockchain Technology
What is Uchit? Uchit introduces a hub of communication and collaborative tools for both Individuals, Professionals and Business Entities which isn't available with existing tools. The development of Uchit is the ultimate end-to-end solution for - 1) Personal use such as communication with friends and families. 2) Professional use such as collaboration for programmers, musicians, artists, etc. 3) Professional use such as communication between Investors, Projects, Freelancers, etc. 4) Enterprise use for...

Blockchain technology to track beef | Iowa Agribusiness Network
When a consumer picks up a package of steak at the grocery store, they don't know any more than they can see. The product is labeled with the USDA Grade and there is usually a logo such as Certified Angus Beef along with the weight and price, but that's it. What about where the animal was raised, how it was raised, how long ago was the animal harvested and shipped IBM is promoting blockchain technology as a way to provide information from pasture to plate. Is this coming to your farm or ranch It's up to you, according to the promoters of blockchain. Some retailers are already demanding more accountability through the supply chain and this may be a way to provide it.   When you think IBM, you probably don't think beef. That may change thanks to IBM Food Trust's blockchain initiative. Blocks of information form a chain'and in this case the information is about beef, from pasture to plate.  Here is the audio from their information video, narrated by Bob Severa. AUDIO: Profit Matters 1-3-19

Demystifying the Blockchain - The New York Times DealBook Business and Policy
A new so-called blockchain company is selling virtual real estate online with prices as high as $120,000 for a 10-meter by 10-meter piece of virtual land. You can buy a plot of virtual land in a virtual city, with certain neighborhoods costing more than others, like in a real city. Except that it isn't a real city. It is all virtual. Somehow this company, Decentraland, managed to raise $26 million in 30 seconds from investors last year. That money isn't virtual it is real. Welcome to the world of blockchain, the latest technological revolution to those in-the-know and what seems like the latest get-rich-quick gibberish to the average person.

Three challenges facing blockchain technology TechCrunch
Nearly five years ago, Overstock .com became the first major retailer to accept bitcoin as a form of payment. It now accepts many top cryptocurrencies. As a member of the senior executive team and board of directors at Overstock.com, I had a front-row seat to those decisions. It didn't take long for the Overstock team to realize that bitcoin's underlying blockchain technology held great promise beyond cryptocurrencies. We also knew that for blockchain technology to reach its full potential, the startup companies advancing its use would need both financial and human capital support. Overstock set up a venture capital blockchain incubator, Medici Ventures, to do just that.

What Is Blockchain The Complete WIRED Guide | WIRED
Depending on who you ask, blockchains are either the most important technological innovation since the internet or a solution looking for a problem. The original blockchain is the decentralized ledger behind the digital currency bitcoin. The ledger consists of linked batches of transactions known as blocks (hence the term blockchain), and an identical copy is stored on each of the roughly 200,000 computers that make up the bitcoin network. Each change to the ledger is cryptographically signed to prove that the person transferring virtual coins is the actual owner of those coins. But no one can spend their coins twice, because once a transaction is recorded in the ledger, every node in the network will know about it.
January 16, 2019 12:14 PM


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Blockchain Technology Market : North America region accounting a - KXXV Central Texas News Now
The latest market report issued by Credence Research, Inc. Blockchain Technology Market- Growth, Future Prospects and Competitive Analysis, 2017 2025, the global Blockchain technology market was considered at US$ 482.1 Mn in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 55.5% from 2017 to 2025. SANJOSE, United States January 15, 2019 /MarketersMedia/ Market Insights Blockchain technology is one of the most promising upcoming technological trends in the IT domain. It allows a ledger that can be accessed by parties involved in the transaction and can act as the universal irrefutable depository of all transactions between the involved parties. The many benefits involved in developing such a platform have already attracted the attention and hence, investments, from the financial sector as well as many technological giants. Recent investments have been made in the technology by various financial institutions in association with key technology players to further increase the performance of the underlying financial processes and help minimize the risk. Not only does the technology hold the ability to disrupt the way the financial sector often works, but it will also have conclusive effects on non-financial industries including consumer goods, technology, and media & telecom, among others.
January 16, 2019 12:14 PM


Blockchain Research Institute |
Discover the BRI's ground-breaking research on blockchain technology and how it affects key industry sectors and management functions. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Blockchain isn't just another technology. Blockchain is the foundation for the second era of the internet an internet of value, where anything of value, including money, our identities, cultural assets like music, and even a vote can be stored, managed, transacted, and moved in a secure, private way. Blockchain is poised to transform every industry and managerial function redefining the way we make transactions, share ideas, and manage workflow.

How blockchain technology will reshape health care | American Medical Association
As a physician, a portion of your patients will smoke, avoid seatbelts or skip doses of medication. In those instances, patients are doing things that are not in their own best interest. Blockchain advocates say a breakthrough killer app is imminent that will change the business of healthcare as we know it. In the meantime, however, there are at least five practical uses for the technology that permits the distribution of digital information, but not the copying of that information. The proof-of-work application was cited by John D. Halamka, MD, chief information officer for the Beth Israel Deaconess System and the editor-in-chief of Blockchain in Healthcare Today, a new online, peer-reviewed journal that debuted in March.

The promise of the blockchain technology - Nailing it the economist down icon down icon user icon down icon magnifier icon hamburger icon close icon up icon up icon up icon print-edition icon twitter icon facebook icon linkedin icon mail icon print ic
What blockchains may be able to do for your business, and what they can't WEPOWER IS a Lithuanian startup that aims to change the way renewable-electricity projects are paid for. The government-guaranteed prices that have propelled growth in wind and solar energy around the world are being cut back, says Nick Martyniuk, WePower's founder. So his firm wants to help developers of renewables raise money by selling the rights to the electricity their plants will produce once built. Customers will buy a smart contract now, running on Ethereums blockchain, that will provide them with power later. Using a blockchain offers several advantages, says Mr Martyniuk, who used to work as an energy trader. Big energy users such as foundries and aluminium smelters already negotiate such contracts with power stations, but they are often complex and time-consuming. Contracts on a blockchain could be offered off the shelf, allowing smaller companies'and perhaps, one day, individuals'to use them too. Such contracts would be as easily tradable as any other crypto-asset, creating a secondary market in power agreements.

Blockchain Technology | BTC Wires Blockchain Technology
Catch up with all the buzz in the world of crypto with BTC Wires. Here, we bring all the breaking stories, feature announcements, public statements and multinational plans of well-known industry investors. Explore more about how and where Blockchain Technology is making headlines! Away from the cryptocurrency, BTC Wires has got something for you out of this world of fascinating fancies and ideas. Let your queries be sorted out by some brilliant minds of Blockchain Ecosystem! BTC Wires has this syndicated interview column that has up-close and personal interviews of some of the game changers in the world of cryptocurrency. Know what they have in their sack for you.

Blockchain Technologies | Digital Single Market
The European Commission aims to develop a common approach on Blockchain technology for the EU in the international arena. Blockchain may bring great improvements for the European industry - from start-ups to large corporates, administrations and citizens. It can enable the provision of more efficient services and the emergence of new ones by: Since April 2018, 26 Member States and Norway agreed to sign a Declaration creating the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) and cooperate in the establishment of a European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) that will support the delivery of cross-border digital public services, with the highest standards of security and privacy.
January 16, 2019 12:13 PM


Blockchain technology has hit a stumbling block - Barron's
This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers visit http://www.djreprints.com. https://www.barrons.com/articles/blockchain-technology-has-hit-a-stumbling-block-51545437535 The promise of blockchain technology seemed unlimited a year ago. Banks were scrambling to figure out their strategy, and companies big and small were boasting how blockchain software would transform industries, from shipping to money transfers. In August, a Barron's cover story tried to assess the actual game-changing potential of blockchain.

What is blockchain technology - Quora
aUdB DbCyR BCPOSDxERXk GEgxycJhZannvgKeH The 21st century is all about technology. With the increasing need for modernization in our day-to-day lives, people are open to accepting new technologies. From using a remote for controlling devices to using voice notes for giving commands; modern technology has made space in our regular lives. Technologies like augmented reality and IoT that have gained pace in the past decade and now there's a new addition to the pack i.e. Blockchain Technology. Blockchain The revolutionary technology impacting different industries miraculously was introduced in the markets with its very first modern application Bitcoin. Bitcoin is nothing but a form of digital currency (cryptocurrency) which can be used in the place of fiat money for trading. And the underlying technology behind the success of cryptocurrencies is termed as Blockchain.
January 16, 2019 12:13 PM


Blockchain Technology - PhUSE Wiki
Phase 2 Scalable Open Source Proof-of-Concept on Patient Data Transactions in Clinical Trials: This phase 2 is a follow up from the phase 1 project presented in the white paper to show how a blockchain-powered health wallet could support greater efficiencies across the clinical trial process. 1) Through design and implementation of faster, less onerous user identification processes 2) through permissioned access to a federated database pointing to a variety of traditionally siloed sources (inc. EMR, wearables, IoT etc). This would allow for faster recruitment and easier transacting between the many stakeholders involved in trial management.

Blockchain Technology
Distributed ledger technology, also known as blockchain, promises to revolutionize the way companies and many governments globally will operate, as well as how they will source, sell, and deliver their goods and services. From startups to established industry leaders, companies are exploring and adopting distributed ledger technology in a diverse range of sectors, including financial services, venture capital, manufacturing, retail, health care, insurance, telecommunications, energy, intellectual property management, cloud technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT). As the blockchain ecosystem continues to evolve, it will pose a wide range of opportunities, as well as challenges, for businesses utilizing the technology and for their customers.

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