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Crypto Companies Will Choose the Governments the Most Open to Them, Tim Draper and Others Forecast for 2019
2019 is set to be a year which cleanses the crypto market of scammers, brings about more comprehensible regulation of crowdfunding campaigns, the advancement of DEXs and related technologies, and the expansion of companies applying decentralized technologies. Here are some forecasts for the crypto industry for the upcoming year which, of course, should be taken only as a set of opinions and not a direct guide to action. The year 2018 marked the great ICO hangover with a tenfold decrease in total funds raised through token sales in November compared to that of January. The fact that ICOs have become almost a red card when trying to attract media attention has been appreciated by projects in the blockchain arena. The most affected were those who had at the very least some kind of tested product behind them, in the ocean of those who only bothered to muster up a white paper.

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