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December 23, 2018 8:45 PM Discuss CloakCoin is a cryptocurrency that's designed to facilitate anonymous and trustless decentralized transfers with Proof-of-Stake-Anonymous transfers (PoSA). It enables secure, private, and anonymous monetary transactions all over the world. Anyone can participate in this digital system, and only a smartphone or computer is required. Cloak Coin first came onto the scene in the year 2014, when Bitcoin was going through a downfall of sorts. Cloak Coin is based on blockchain technology using the same concept as Bitcoin, but with a few new changes. There has been an addition of some simple yet clever layers of communication and a delicate off-blockchain coin mixing system that provides high security and makes it impossible for third parties to trace any sort of transaction between Cloak Coin wallets. While many may cast aspersions on the legality of the system, there is absolutely nothing illegal about how Cloak Coin operates. It ensures that owners get the freedom that has been granted to them in many constitutions around the world.
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