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Despite Losing the BCH Hash War, Craig Wright Still Thinks Billions Will Use Bitcoin SV (BSV) in Time
?Going forward we will start to open up and allow the business use of the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin scales, and we will be demonstrating this in the coming days as we first start running 128-MB blocks and we will move to remove the block cap altogether. In the coming years, we plan to support an unbounded blocksize and as many transactions as people are willing to send us. With this note of optimism, Dr. Wright starts off his most recent Medium blog. He continues to say that their blockchain is equipped to open up for large businesses since it is scalable, an innumerable amount of transactions would be sent without affecting the overall network performance. Their objective is not to create or promote any form of disorder as mainstream media implies.

'Satoshi' Craig Wright Is Being Sued for $10 Billion - CoinDesk
Craig Wright, the nChain chief scientist who previously claimed to be the pseudonymous bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, is being sued for a whopping $10 billion. The lawsuit is being brought by Ira Kleiman on behalf of the estate of his brother, Dave, who has been linked to the earliest days of bitcoin. Kleiman, a forensic computer investigator and author, passed away in 2013 following a battle with MRSA. Kleiman's role in the development of bitcoin came to light amid the controversy from late 2015, when Wright an Australian businessman and academic was identified by Gizmodo and Wired as the possible identity behind Nakamoto, who departed the project in 2010.

Latest News on Craig Wright | Cointelegraph
Craig Wright is an Australian entrepreneur and, according to his words, Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto the founder of Bitcoin. Craig Wright's Bitcoin involvement lies in his investment into cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges and other businesses related to those technologies. In the summer of 2008, a few months before Satoshi Nakamoto published his research work about Bitcoin, Craig Wright had posted almost the same content on his personal blog. By 2015, he had been known simply for his idea to open a Bitcoin bank. Nevertheless, he was first connected with Satoshi in 2015, when two magazines had published research based on private correspondence with Wright. The same year he admitted that he was Satoshi. However, not all magazines and experts believe it is true.

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