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UNICEF Plans to Invest $100,000 into Six Different Crypto Companies to Progress Blockchain Tech
In an announcement from UNICEF on December 19th, their Innovation Fund is looking for ways to progress in blockchain technology. The fund has decided on a $100,000 investment, which will be split amongst six companies. The point of the fund originally was to help with the early stage and open-source technology that can ultimately help their charitable work with children. In the work about fund, the organization narrowed down solutions that deal in technology, including blockchain, machine learning, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and others. Based on the information provided today, the six companies that will be involved include Atix Labs, Onesmart, Prescrypto, Statwig, Utopixar, and W3 Engineers. Though the companies will split the fund amongst them, their prototypes and systems will remain independent to deal with global issues that blockchain could solve. Healthcare delivery, mobile applications, and social initiatives are just a few of these use cases.

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