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Understand how IBOs can open the crypto markets to startups without funding
Initial Bounty Offerings are a way of leveraging crowdsourced work through payments in cryptocurrency tokens. Professionals get paid in a startup's tokens while contributing back to the project without a formal work contract. IBO's are usually informal and implied in ICO projects. A certain amount of tokens is allocated just for bounties in most ICO's where community-sourced professionals get paid for all sorts of jobs like logo design, social media promotion like retweeting messages and generating buzz, po...

What Is Going On With the Crypto Markets, Analysts Unpack Factors Behind 10-Days Slump
Industry experts weigh in on the leading factors behind a massive slump in the cryptocurrency markets. What is going on with the crypto markets Various experts discuss driving factors behind the recent slump Over the last 10 days the cryptocurrency markets have endured a massive sell-off across the board. There are a number of reasons that have led to the highly bearish sentiments on the market but seeing red has been difficult for many. As the value of Bitcoin and numerous altcoins have continued to decline to depressing levels, and a certain amount of panic has ensued. Cointelegraph has reached out to various industry professionals to explore the reasons behind this most recent slump in the market and what to possibly expect in the coming weeks and months.

Why Traders Should Chart the Entire Crypto Market Cap - CoinDesk
Market capitalization gets a lot flack for being a poor metric to measure the value of a cryptocurrency and perhaps rightly so but that shouldn't stop traders from using it as a tool to generate a market bias. To summarize: the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency is a function of market price multiplied by the circulating supply, so its fluctuating value ends up visually mimicking that of price action when plotted on a price chart. And if it mimics price action, then technical analysis the study of market behavior via price movement can be applied to it just as if the price chart for bitcoin (BTC) was being analyzed.

Prominent Analyst: Crypto Market is Undergoing a Clear Breakout
-Bitcoin news, price, information & analysis After months in a seemingly endless downtrend, which saw the aggregate value of all crypto assets see a 75% haircut, analysis done by one of this industry's best illustrates the fact that this market could finally be undergoing a breakout. Contrary to popular belief, the crypto markets relative non-action, which saw the volatility levels of the stocks of Amazon (AMAZ), Netflix (NFLX), Nvidia (NVDA), surpass that of Bitcoin (BTC), may be aiding the long-term prospects of this decade-old asset class. Seemingly touching on this point, Crypto Rand, a prominent cryptocurrency analyst, trader, and advisor, recently took to Twitter convey two charts pertaining to the market capitalization of all crypto assets in circulation. The charts, which highlighted the 18-month logarithmic and linear performance of this market, indicated that crypto is finally breaking out of a colossal falling wedge.  The wedge under Rand's analysis, which formed in mid-January 2018, was just six weeks away from its inflection point, making this breakout one of great importance.

Tron [TRX] escapes sideways monotony as massive volatility enters the market - AMBCrypto
Nouriel Roubini takes hit on Bitcoin [BTC] and others; focuses on 4,800 pump and dump schemes Bitcoin [BTC] Futures Contracts get a green signal from the regulatory authorities Bitfinex announces margin trading for Tether [USDT] with USD pair SEC has lost its first legal battle in its unlawful quest against cryptocurrencies, says John McAfee XRP/USD Technical Analysis: Red clouds hover over investor sentiment SEC has lost its first legal battle in its unlawful quest against cryptocurrencies, says John McAfee Bitcoin [BTC] proponent Mike Novogratz: I don't think we're going to decentralize the whole world
November 06, 2018 11:30 AM


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