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The idea of a decentralized cloud is to provide PaaS using decentralized resources. Instead of selling fractions of large scale computers in centralized locations, like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure do, decentralized cloud platforms sell small chunks of computing resources in participants' personal computers (or even in large scale servers, should they choose to participate).

CPU time and hard drive space can be sold via the blockchain and provided as a service. The Ethereum Virtual Machine is an attempt at building a global scale supercomputer using Ethereum and GAS as the payment method for computing time. Other blockchain-based projects exist to sell hard disk space using decentralized platforms (Filecoin and Sia, for example).

The set of decentralized computing resources that can be sold is collectively called a decentralized cloud.

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Decentralized Cloud Platform Launches Mainnet in Challenge to Big Four Market Leaders
A decentralized cloud platform's mainnet has gone live, with the organization vowing to shift the balance of computational power away from large corporations. A decentralized cloud platform has launched its mainnet, and says those who use its network will pay a fraction of what traditional providers cost A cloud platform, with the goal of building a fairer internet, has made its mainnet live allowing its growing suite of network-ready applications to offer faster and more secure hosting services for websites, APIs, apps and e-commerce stores. DADI says its peer-to-peer network helps to shift the emphasis of computing power away from large corporations, as its infrastructure is owned by users. The company claims that those who use its network enjoy greater performance and efficiency as a result, with costs slashed by as much as 60 percent when compared to traditional cloud providers.

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