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DGB DigiByte in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? DigiByte or DGB is a public cryptocurrency that is highly decentralized payment network and rapidly growing public blockchain. This allows you to send or move money over the internet that offers lightning fast transactions with minimal fees. This digital currency is mineable and this can be mined using the 5 different algorithms. These are Groestl (GPU friendly), Qubit (ASIC friendly), Scrypt (ASIC friendly), Sha256 (ASIC friendly) and Skein (GPU friendly). In order to m...

The future is bright for DigiByte (DGB), here's why - Global Coin Report
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Digibyte (DGB) Still Looking Good: Ironing out the technical kinks and increasing community engagement | CaptainAltcoin
DigiByte currency showed some interesting price movements lately. Touching $0.021531/361 satoshi on the 14th of August, when the market in general reached a bottom, the currency closed the month off with a recovery towards $0.031175/445 satoshi. After 4 times retesting the $0.035/475 satoshi monthly highs, DigiByte plummeted on September 5th to monthly lows of $0.020744/330 satoshi. The currency has slightly recovered ever since and we saw it stay constantly above 370 satoshi. DigiByte can be purchased for $0.024635 USD (-0.64% drop in the last 24 hours)/371 satoshi (-1.66% drop in the last 24 hours) at the moment of writing. Daily trade volumes are sitting 329 BTC, with Bittrex and Upbit contributing with 20% of that each. With a market cap of $256,226,523, DigiByte is currently 35th most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

Digibyte (DGB) A safe bet no matter how long the bear market lasts
The crypto bear is still on the prowl, as bitcoin (BTC) seems to be struggling at $4K. Given the highly speculative nature of cryptocurrencies, no one can tell for sure how low the market can go, or for how long. Under these circumstances, the best cryptos to go for are those with the highest chance of surviving a prolonged bear market. That's the biggest risk at this point, not the price. That's because prices are down across the market unless one is holding a stable coin.  Using the ability to survive a multi-year bear run, then Digibyte (DGB) stands as one of the coins that could hold up quite well, and move up rankings as weak coins fall off.

Digibyte (DGB) Are Craig Wright's recent tweets a low-key validation of the Digibyte blockchain Crypto Recorder
Yesterday, Craig Wright was on a rampage, from threatening bitcoin miners to trashing Ethereum, Litecoin and other coins. One of his interesting tweets was with regards to sidechains, and other second layer scaling solutions. According to him, layer 2 is in script.  This is pretty much in tandem with Digibytes approach to scaling. Early this year, Josiah Spackman, a Digibyte foundation ambassador wrote an article titled, Digibyte scaling: On-chain is doable, Josiah explains how layer two solutions defeat the whole essence of decentralization. That's because they require trust in a centralized entity.  Josiah stated that,

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