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Tether is backed by Bitcoin converted to U$, not by actual US Dollars
A lot of the controversy surrounding the Tether cryptocurrency seems to focus on whether it is fully backed by US Dollar funds or not. Several relevant questions have been posed in this respect, such as why investors would keep U$ 2.5 billion (as of May 2018) in cash deposited as reserves for Tether, with little or no return, when there are much better and safer investments available? A $2.5 billion fund manager would be a guest of honor at any bank in New York or London and they'd surely be offered top not...

How do I convert Bitcoin to US Dollars and Euros
To convert Bitcon and other cryptocurrencies into US Dollars, Euros or other currencies, you need an exchange that will work with fiat money. Most cryptocurrency exchanges don't, because fiat requires compliance with local and international regulations and in most cases the reserve requirements are out of reach for the typical unfunded crypto hackers who happen to be running the most popular exchanges. Here we've collected a few ideas for you to exchange your hard earned Bitcoin into FED-issued curren...

Why is the BTC U$ dollar value stable while altcoins soar
For traders used to traditional FIAT currency markets, the exchange rates between cryptos and U$ and Euro can seem a bit daunting. And with good reason. There are currently thousands of cryptocurrencies, each of them having a 100% free floating exchange rate against any other crypto. Which means there isn't a fixed reference like there would be with major FIAT currencies like Euros and US Dollars. For decades, we've been used to comparing currencies to the US Dollar. And we do it unconsciously, becaus...

The US Dollar Dominates BTC-Fiat Trading, New Research Finds
Reading: The US Dollar Dominates BTC-Fiat Trading, New Research Finds Georgi Georgiev | Nov 08, 2018 | 00:00 Georgi Georgiev | Nov 08, 2018 | 00:00 The US Dollar has been dominating BTC-Fiat trading on average throughout the past month, according to a research by CryptoCompare. According to a new report called Detailed Report Into The Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry released by CryptoCompare, the US dollar represents half of the BTC-Fiat trading on average throughout the last 30 days. And while the USD is dominating the market as it is, the other two leading currencies are the Japanese Yen (JPY) and the Korean Won (KRW), which represent 21 and 16 percent respectively.

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