EOS [EOS] now supported by Ledger's hardware wallet | BCFocus EOS [EOS] now supported by Ledger's hardware wallet | BCFocus
Allow to send web push notifications to your desktop. Ledger, which provides security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies, said on Tuesday that it would now support EOS [EOS] on its hardware wallet Ledger Nano S along with six other digital assets. The company, which also develops blockchain apps for individuals and companies, has a practice of releasing new third-party coin apps on the first Tuesday of every month referred to as Crypto Tuesday. Happy #CryptoTuesday! Ledger now supports Hycon, Waves, Rise, FIC Network, Pirl, EOS and Akroma. These 3rd-party apps for Ledger Nano S are available on Ledger Live: https://t.co/lVojp5GnZu This information was first seen by us on September 04, 2018 3:52 PM. Share this content on social media: See bcfocus.com for more from this source. Reply to Topic

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