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Token Investing: The Balance Between Liquidity and Longevity
One of the perhaps overreaching promises of token crowdsales is buyer and investor liquidity. It is what separates token sales from other investment types (yes, they likely are investments). From OTC securities to real estate, immediate liquidity is somewhat limited. However, liquidity is not entirely free. The most liquid markets are those with active buyers and sellers. Thanks to the ERC-20 token exchanging between tokens has made liquidity among tokens Ethereum rather seamless. However, valuations of spe...

Bgogo Crypto Exchange Opens Its Doors to Market Makers to Improve Trading and Liquidity
Bgogo'the cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange platform'on Monday, November 5, 2018, announced that it had now started accommodating submissions for MM (Market Makers). The reason behind this decision is the fact that the platform is looking to enhance its trading depth, liquidity, as well as overall trading experience. Bgogo News Bgogo Opens Registration for Market Makers pic.twitter.com/FABESfpFmH Bgogo Exchange (@BgogoExchange) November 5, 2018 Before submitting your application, it is important to note the following information related to being a Market Maker for the platform: It is important to note that the Bgogo.com domain has its headquarters in California, although it is officially registered in the Cayman Islands. The company was founded by elite members from internet giants such as Alibaba, Facebook, IBM, and Twitter.

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