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Hacker Tries to Blackmail Apple for $150,000 in BTC After Compromising 319 Million iCloud Accounts | CryptoGlobe
A computer analyst named Kerem Albayrak, 21, reportedly attempted to blackmail Apple Inc, the California-based multinational technology firm, for £115,000 (appr. $150,000) in bitcoin ( BTC ) and £800 (appr. $1,045) worth of iTunes vouchers. According to the DailyMail, Albayrak had published a video on YouTube that showed him hacking into iCloud accounts. The analyst, who is a resident of Hornsey, North London, had allegedly demanded Apple a large payment in exchange for him not exploiting the private information of the accounts he claimed to have hacked. Shortly after, Albayrak was taken into police custody, after which he appeared at Westminster Magistrates court and was reportedly charged with blackmail? and unauthorized acts intending to hinder access to a computer?, the DailyMail wrote.

Brazilian Crypto Exchange Sends USD 35 Million For a USD 127 Withdrawal Request
According to the news coming from Brazil, cryptocurrency exchange Bitcambio is amidst one such blunder where the exchange seems to have reportedly sent one of its users a whopping R$ 137 million equivalent to about $35 million after the user attempted to withdraw 500 reals, worth roughly $127. Exchange to reward for users lost time According to local news outlet Portal do Bitcoin, cryptocurrency exchange Bitcambio started calling the user, Kaique Nunes, about the withdrawal shortly after. Speaking to the local new mouthpiece Nunes stated: Earlier last month, I issued some normal draft orders. After a while, Bitcambio called to let me know that they had issued all this value and that they needed me to recognize a document in a notary's office. I thought it was a coup, Nunes told Bitcoin's Portal.
December 27, 2018 2:02 PM


Tron is Getting Stronger as it Closes on USD 2 Million Transactions Per Day
Tron, as a project, is taking giant strides every day as it inches closer to Ethereum challenging its position and supremacy in the cryptoshpere.  In a recent tweet, Justin Sun, the founder of the project, announced that Tron has broken another record as it inched towards 2 million transactions per day. Justin's Tron just getting better as it prepares to take over Ethereum According to the latest Tweet put forward by Justin Sun, Tron scaled a new record-breaking height as it recorded 1,841,055 transactions per day inching, closer to USD 2 million transactions a day. According to Sun's tweet, it's only a matter of time Tron will scale the USD 2million transactions per day creating a new milestone for itself.
November 24, 2018 3:40 PM


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