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MonaCoin (MONA) in a Nutshell
Mineable? If so how is it mined? MonaCoin (MONA) is a mineable cryptocurrency that can be mined using the Lyra2RE algorithm as its mining algorithm. On the other hand, this cryptocurrency can also be mined by means of mining software such as CCMiner and XMR Stak. The XMR Stak is a mining tool that works for both GPU mining and CPU mining with AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. While the CCMiner is a common mining tool for computers that have Nvidia graphics cards. Maximum Circulating Coins The MonaCoin cryp...

MonaCoin (MONA) is just another Dogecoin, but is that a bad thing | CaptainAltcoin
MonaCoin is one of those cryptocurrencies that slightly peaked around July 3rd, when it reached the price of $2.62/39475 satoshi. After this it went on a downwards path, falling down to the values of $1.99/25826 satoshi on July 31st. August saw it shift into some sideways motion before a bottoming out at $1.43/22883 satoshi. This bottom didn't last long as an influx of buying volume led the currency to break out violently towards the monthly highs of $2.13/33638 satoshi. After some erratic movement and daily volumes that peaked above $5 million on the 10th of August, the currency went back down in price and stabilized.

Japanese Cryptocurrency Monacoin Hit by Selfish Mining Attack
Between May 13th and 15th, Monacoin, a cryptocurrency developed in Japan, appears to have suffered from a network attack that caused roughly $90,000 in damages. The attack appears to have been a selfish mining attack, where one miner successfully mines a block on the blockchain but does not broadcast the new block to other miners. If the secret miner can then find a second block before the rest of the miners find any new blocks, then the secret miner has now effectively created a branch in the chain that is longer than the chain everyone else is working on. As is standard in most blockchain protocols, the chain with more blocks is considered by the mining network to be the correct chain, as it has the most proof of work. So, when the secret miner makes their longer chain public, it invalidates any and all of the blocks discovered by other miners during the time the secret chain was hidden.

Monacoin (MONA) is a serious value buy at under $5 Crypto Recorder
Monacoin (MONA) The last few weeks have seen a massive crypto selloff.  Some experts believe that bitcoin, which is pulling everything else down, is massively overvalued and is repricing to its right price. That's because it is slow and very costly to transact with, yet it's worth thousands of dollars. Actually, most altcoins outperform bitcoin on multiple parameters. Unfortunately, the altcoins market is heavily linked to bitcoin, which means a decline in the price of bitcoin translates to a decline in altcoins too. So does that mean that everything else is overvalued, just because bitcoin is

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