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Despite the tradition and naming convention of forked projects, EOS Classic claimed EOS asked it to close its servers and discontinue the project due to naming conflicts. EOS Classic drew the ire of the crypto community that followed the project by suddenly announcing that it is wrapping up all activity. EOS Classic is the Ethereum-based version of EOS, and had promised a form of mining and rewards. The project remained relatively obscure. https://twitter.com/eosclassicio/status/1052909228355072000 Until now, there have been no lawsuits concerning the usage of the EOS moniker, which has been given to all distributed apps and alternative tokens within the ecosystem. The move created a lot of noise on social media, with many suggesting that EOS Classic is performing a kind of exit scam. The EOS Classic website is already down. This share was retrieved by us on December 23, 2018 3:29 PM. Share this content on social media: See cryptovest.com to find more similar content. Reply to Topic

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