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ELI5 Cryptocurrency ShardingELI5 Cryptocurrency Sharding
2018-11-08 15:53:14   Discuss  If you come from the world of IT, then you've probably heard of database or disk data sharding. For those who don't come from IT, a real simple way to put it is that sharding means to divide the data and the work into chunks (shards). When you split the work, different agents (people, computers or even different processes within a single computer) take care of one or more of those pieces simultaneously. tl;dr; Sharding is about distributing something into smaller pieces that need to be processed by m... Continue reading.

The State of Sharding: How Can This Technology Make Blockchain More Scalable - CoinCentral The State of Sharding: How Can This Technology Make Blockchain More Scalable  - CoinCentral
December 23, 2018 8:20 PM Discuss Sharding is a technology that is talked about often in the cryptocurrency community. While sharding has been an important part of traditional database technologies for many years now, it's finally being not only discussed but also implemented by a few projects as a solution for blockchain scalability. In this article, we'll discuss sharding's emergence to date, its current implementations, and how exactly its implementation could change the future of payment scalability. Sharding is a type of database partitioning that separates larger databases into smaller, faster, more easily managed parts called data shards. Oftentimes, it can be relatively easy to shard data. One simple example would be placing info related to various customers on different servers based on each user's geographic location. 
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