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The market has been under a bearish spell for quite a while this year, and some coins have managed to avoid this trend for a while and go against the tide. Back in April both EOS and XLM were able to do this, but now they're in the red together with the most part of the cryptos. But what if you had to choose which one of these two cryptos to invest in Let's compare the two of them and find out which one is worth considering from these two if it ever came down to it. EOS is listed on the 5th position on CoinMarketCap, and it's traded at $11.08. Its total market capitalization today is $9,872,699,725.

Stellar DEX-Based Exchange And Wallet Provides Seamless USD, GBP, And EURO Accessibility | Oracle Times
In a cryptosphere where there are very few options for crypto traders and investors to purchase or redeem in fiat, The White Company and Fintech Ltd team up to bring USD, GBP and Euro fiat deposits and withdrawals via White Standard stable coins. Fintech's Interstellar Decentralised Exchange platform is the very first Stellar DEX-based exchange and wallet to provide this useful service. The White Standard (WSD) is the only $USD stable coin that's built on the Stellar protocol, and it's 100% backed by deposits which are third-party audited on a monthly basis for increased security. WSD offers instant and efficient transactions and easy integration in Stellar's current ecosystem and the Stellar DEX.

Bobby Lee Says Bitcoin and Crypto Revolution Is Unstoppable, Plus Ripple and XRP, Tron, Stellar, Ethereum, NEO, EOS: Crypto News Alert | The Daily Hodl
From the impact of Bitcoin and crypto on the G20 to a CoinMarketCap controversy over XRP, here's a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of blockchain. The co-founder of Hong Kong-based crypto exchange BTCC says Bitcoin is slowly chipping away at the monopoly of government-backed fiat currency. In a new tweet about the latest G20 meeting of world finance leaders, Bobby Lee says he believes the Bitcoin and crypto revolution is now irreversible. I wonder if @G20org World Leaders actually realize that they DO face a REAL Common Enemy now With #Bitcoin soon turning 10, national gov'ts are SLOWLY but SURELY losing their #monopoly & ability to issue (#fiat) money. It's slow at first but this #revolution is irreversible! pic.twitter.com/Z62gJFouYo
January 06, 2019 10:07 PM


Stellar (XLM) Founder Jed McCaleb: 90% of Cryptocurrency Projects Are 'B
Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of gross payments settlement protocol, Ripple and remittance payments platform, Stellar (XLM), recently remarked that most cryptocurrency projects are BS." McCaleb, who is also the founder of the now defunct Mt. Gox crypto exchange, believes that most traditional financial institutions will not use bitcoin (BTC), presumably due to its relatively slower transaction processing times. He told Yahoo Finance (on December 31st):  It doesn't need to be the bitcoin blockchain, but if it's not a public chain, then you're missing the point. According to McCaleb, blockchain networks should always be permissionless because it doesn't make sense to use distributed ledger technology (DLT) to implement a private database management system. In his interview with Yahoo Finance, McCaleb also said:

IBM Introduces 'World Wire' Payment System on Stellar Network | Bitcoin Magazine Verified on Po
Ready to start building Dapps Dive deep into blockchain development. Subscribe Now IBM has launched a blockchain-based payment system called Blockchain World Wire. According to IBM, the new payment network uses digital currency on Stellar's blockchain to "clear and settle cross-border payments" in near real time. The Stellar network is a distributed, blockchain-based ledger that facilitates cross-asset transfers of value. Like Ripple, Stellar can handle exchanges between fiat-based currencies and digital assets. Using this protocol, IBM wants to make it possible for financial institutions to move money quickly and reliably, while cutting off intermediaries and complexities associated with traditional international payment systems.

Stellar's XLM or EOS Which one to pick in the long-run - Global Coin Report
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At the beginning of November, wallet provider Blockchain.com announced an airdrop of Stellar Lumens tokens worth the equivalent of 125 million US dollars. An airdrop is essentially a donation of free coins to users of crypto currencies. The blockchain.com started to distribute the crypto currency to millions of users. Each of these users receives a gift of Stellar worth about 25 US dollars. The whole process will take several months and the amount of Stellar distributed to individual users will vary depending on the region. The Blockchain Airdrop is considered to be the largest of its kind ever. The occasion was the introduction of Stellar in the Blockchain Wallet.

AvaTrade Crypto Trading Platform Welcomes Stellar (XLM) and DASH Token Support
AvaTrade, the financial trading firm, has on Monday announced the apparent expansion of its cryptocurrency offering by adding two existing cryptos- Stellar and Dash. The introduction of the new coins will be available through AvaTrade's CFDs trading suite, which grows its existing portfolio for clients. The team at AvaTrade made the release statement via an official tweet on the platform's handle. We are proud to announce 2 exciting additions to our portfolio! Dash (DASHUSD) and Stellar (XLMUSD). Trade XLM and DASH today! #cryptocurrency #dash #stellar https://t.co/rVsoovdJ2C pic.twitter.com/Tvk9v45Psu

Stellar-backed IBM project in a wiry rivalry with Ripple - Global Coin Report
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The Future Stellar Lumens [XLM] $1
In the case of businesses dedicated to facilitating payments between individuals, the choice of which blockchain to use and which fintech to hire is of vital importance for their growth. However, the relationship between crypto and fiat based fintechs has concluded with a growth in exposure of digital currencies. When it comes to banks and firms that attempt to adopt blockchain based solutions for processing cross-border transactions or various types of payments, XRP and Stellar take the spotlight with no mercy. The marketing strategy which Stellar follow is based on growing its partner-list so its payment transferring tech is used and utilized by a wider reach. The platform is on constant development to bring the architecture required for expansion.

Here's How to Prepare for $125 Million Stellar (XLM) Airdrop for Blockchain Wallet Users
The Stellar Development Foundation is a non-profit organization that most people know as being the creators of the Stellar token and platform. It seems that they want to offer more to their users through an airdrop, celebrating their new collaboration with Blockchain. The airdrop will be worth $125 million in Stellar lumens (XLM), and it will be exclusively offered to members of Blockchain. Reported by The Block on November 6th, the first release of lumens is scheduled for this week, but the users are required to sign up to participate. Optimally, Stellar wants around 30 million wallets to be involved, pushing their adoption against other cryptocurrencies. Airdrops are a common way to elicit this type of attention in the market, pushing towards better development. Stellar's airdrop in particular will be the largest in the history of the crypto market. The only one that comes close to it is Dfinity's airdrop, which happened in June and was worth $35 million.

Buy Stellar Lumens (XLM) | 99 Bitcoins
Stellar provides a decentralized international payment network, which enables fast transactions with low fees. The network is designed to make international payments and currency transfers swift and painless. Confirmations can happen within 3 seconds, and thousands of transactions occur every second. In this post I'll explain a bit about the Stellar currency known as Lumens, or XLM, and how to buy it online. In order to buy XLM (Stellar's currency) go through the following steps: That's it! If you want a detailed explanation about Stellar and XLM keep on reading, here's what I'll cover: Stellar's cryptocurrency XLM is basically a fork of Ripple. This means Stellar uses the same basic rules Ripple does with some distinct changes. The main reason for the Stellar fork was to create a much more altruistic payment network than what Ripple has become.
December 21, 2018 10:07 AM


Why We Might Wait a While for Coinbase to List Cardano (ADA), XRP and Stellar (XLM)
In a move that has left many crypto enthusiasts scratching their heads, the cryptocurrency exchange of Coinbase has announced that it was exploring listing another set of cryptocurrencies. This new list was announced before completion of the previous list of 5 digital assets. That list still had 2 digital assets yet to be listed on Coinbase: Cardano (ADA) and Stellar (XLM). The exchange made the announcement via twitter as follows: Coinbase is exploring the addition of 30+ new digital assets. It's our goal to offer support for all assets that meet our standards and are compliant with local law. Coinbase went on to announce via Medium.com that it was exploring the following new list of 31 digital assets.

Coinbase Pairing Helps Stellar Lumens XLM Despite Plummeting Crypto Markets
Coinbase, Cryptocurrency, Stellar (XLM)As cryptocurrency tests new lows for 2018, with the overall outlook for the market looking even more bearish in an already abysmal investment year, Stellar XLM has managed to weather the storm thanks to a previous announcement by U.S. based exchange Coinbase. On Nov. 19, following days of slumping cryptocurrency prices which wiped tens of billions from the market capitalization, the industry took another plunge to $160 billion, with top ten currencies across the board falling double-digit percentage points in addition to last week's bloodbath. However, Stellar XLM has managed to weather the price fall storm relative to the rest of the market, with prices still above what they were during the summer following the Coinbase announcement.

Stellar (XLM) Becomes Top-5 Cryptocurrency Pushing Out EOS
Reading: Stellar (XLM) Becomes Top-5 Cryptocurrency Pushing Out EOS Esther Kim | Nov 12, 2018 | 12:00 Esther Kim | Nov 12, 2018 | 12:00 Open source cryptocurrency transfer protocol Stellar's Lumens (XLM) token has entered the top five cryptocurrencies by market cap the week after its $125 million deal with Blockchain. Data from Coinmarketcap confirms the repositioning, which gives XLM a market cap of $5.15 billion and relegates TRON to eleventh place and edging out EOS from the Top-5. Stellar (XLM) 00 has seen considerable publicity over the past weeks after executives announced a giveaway campaign with wallet provider Blockchain worth $125 million.

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