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Cardano (ADA) It's getting boring and this means it's time to buy Crypto Recorder
Cardano (ADA) hasn't made any major price moves for months. Since it broke $0.12, it has been a slow uninspiring drop all the way to its current price $0.04. This lack of any major movements may fool investors who are looking for the thrill.  It may also be discouraging for day traders looking to make a quick buck from daily price fluctuations.  However, for investors looking to make real money from Cardano (ADA), this period of low volumes is the best time to take positions in Cardano (ADA). It presents a perfect opportunity to dollar cost average on Cardano and gets a very good average price for a long-term portfolio.  But it's not just the price inactivity that makes Cardano a worthy investment at current prices, its core fundamentals are also quite good, and give it value.

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